Miami Transportation Services

Miami Transportation Services

Miami, Florida is the southernmost major metropolitan city in the continental United States. It is one of the most visited cities in the country and is known for its fabulous beaches and cruise port. Millions of people choose Miami as their vacation destination. Therefore, while visiting the exciting city, you will need ways of getting around. Fortunately, there are many Miami transportation services available.

Many people visit Miami to board a cruise ship, so they will need transportation to their designated port. Therefore, there are many Miami cruise ship transportation available to get you where you need to be. Taking a shuttle, taxi, limo or renting a car is just a few of the transportation services available at the Port of Miami.

Transportation to Port Everglades is also easy to find. Port Everglades is easily accessible by car, taxi, bus, rail and ship. It is the only port in the country that is next to an airport, making it simple to fly and take a cruise in the same day. You can take a taxi from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Port Everglades that are very inexpensive. Miami International Airport is about 30 minutes away, so taxis from there to Port Everglades will be more expensive. There are also many busses that offer rides to Port Everglades from several hotels in the area. Many car rental agencies are also licensed to do business with Port Everglades. Some companies offer shuttle services to and from Port Everglades.

If you fly into Miami International Airport, you will also need a way to get you to your destination. Miami airport transportation offers taxis, which are a good choice if you only have a few people. The airport also provides a Super Shuttle service, which is a shared passenger van, or you can reserve private transportation, which might include a sedan, van or limo service with a chauffeur. It is very inexpensive to take public transportation from the airport. There are metro buses that depart frequently from the airport. Make sure you know exactly where you need to go, so you will know which bus to take.

If you want to go to some of the major destinations in Miami, the city has a lot of transport systems to choose from. The Metrorail system serves more than 20 miles of rail area, and trips are available every 30 minutes. For tourists, the Metro mover is a free transportation system, and it can take you all over the city. It takes a loop trip around the city of Miami. In addition, you could also take the Metro bus, which runs 24 hours a day and is a good way to connect you where you need to go.

If you are flying into Fort Lauderdale, there are many ways of getting you to Miami. It is about 20 to 25 miles from Fort Lauderdale to the Port of Miami, so Fort Lauderdale Airport transportation is very convenient if you want to get to Miami. There are shuttles, taxis, limos or car rentals that will take you to several key places in Miami, including the Port of Miami

The Port of Miami Transportation Shuttle offers service from Miami International Airport to the Port of Miami. You will need to book a reservation ahead of time, and they will pick you up at many surrounding hotels, cruise ports, residences and airports. 15 passenger transportation is available with the shuttle service, so they will accommodate you if you have a large group.

If you really want to travel in luxury, you can ride in one of the Miami limo services. You can compare rates, as prices among Miami limousine services are very competitive. You do not want to get lost and miss you’re the time for your departure cruise, so limos in Miami are very reliable and dependable. You can reserve a limo that will take you to and from the airport, to and from cruise ports and to your hotel. If you just want a night on the town, limousines are also a great way to go.

If you want to drive yourself, you can always rent a car in Miami. Renting a car gives you the convenience to move from location to location without being on a schedule or worrying about having a driver. You can go wherever you like, such as driving down to Key West or taking a day trip to Orlando. You can stick to your own time schedule on your own terms. Renting a car will allow you to see as much of Miami as you desire, and depending on the things that you want to do, it could be more economical. You can search around on the internet and find a company that offers inexpensive car rentals.

Orlando is about 4 hours from Miami, so you might want to take a trip to Orlando to visit other attractions that Florida has to offer. Transportation services from Miami to Orlando are available. There is a Miami to Orlando bus that offers services daily to and from Orlando. You should book in advance. There are also many shuttle services that are very affordable. They service the major destinations within the Orlando area. You can rent these shuttles just for your family, and will not have to share them with anyone else.

If you want to take the train, Tri-Rail, which is a commuter train, offers services from Miami to several other locations within the state. Amtrak is also an excellent source of transportation in the state of Florida.

If you are planning to visit Miami, you will be well taken care of when it comes to transportation. There are many ways to get around in this vibrant city, so you need to decide which one meets your needs, and you can begin your adventure in the great Sunshine State.

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  2. Thanks for this post. Miami transportation services are doing just great to assist people visiting Miami for both vacation and business purposes. There are so many places to visit in Miami. For tourists who do not take their own car, they have to rely heavily on the transportation services. Rental agencies are one of the best options for people visiting Miami. They offer all sorts of vehicles at reasonable rates. You can even hire a luxury or sports car from the rental agencies. Search the internet for the rental agencies, the cars available and their rates.

  3. Excellent post.
    If you are travelling to Miami with your family and have a large list of destinations to visit, it would be wise to hire a car from the rental agencies. The best way to find them is the internet. Short list the ones that have good rating and offer affordable rates and than select. Here are some more tips:
    1.It is better to book the car well before the actual travel date to ensure the availability of the vehicle.
    2.While hiring a car from the rental agency remember to buy insurance policy.
    3.Make your payments with credit card to get some discounts.

  4. A large number of people travel to Miami to spend their vacation. With this in mind ,probably the Miami transport service has grown to a remarkable level. Miami provides any kind of transport service the tourists require. You name it and you have it. With the aid of technology it is now easier for one to check out the deals the transport service firs offer. It is also possible to confirm a booking online. Before taking the final decision, I think it is wise to ask your friends or co-workers what type of transportation they opted for. Experienced opinion always count when you take a decision.

  5. Miami is undoubtedly one of the best city to tour and spend vacations because of its exotic beaches, beautiful localities and pleasant weather. You can find transportation facilities providing companies easily and at fair rates, also its worth mentioning that if you hire a limo and take tour of the city it might become the most enjoyable and worth remembering experience you can ever imagine.

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