The Ford Mustang Convertible

Tour one of the premier vacation spots in the country, sample exotic cuisines, enjoy stunning, sweeping views of gorgeous, sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, take the family to one of the many theme parks, or just go driving along the coastal highways.  For those of you planning a trip to Miami, there is no better way to see all the sights than by renting a car.  Though, finding the right rental car can take a bit of time, a little extra money, and knowing where to look for the best deal on the sports car can make your vacation truly memorable. My personal favorite for taking in the stellar panoramas of Miami and South Beach is the singular Ford Mustang convertible, preferable in a candy apple red.

When you rent any car, typically the first concern is budget, but the second concern is style.  Nothing is worse than trying to find a sports car and only being able to find a minivan available for rent.  First thing to do when you’re looking for a great rental car – give yourself plenty of time to find just the right fit for you.  Keep in mind the timeframe you need the car for – sometimes you can save some money by renting for a longer period of time or renting on certain days of the week.  If your travel dates are flexible, look into when you will be needing your hotel and car, and you can easily shave five to ten percent off your fixed vacation costs.  Also, keep in mind what extras you need, from GPS to satellite radio, always know what you’re looking for.  Often times, after I’ve secured a rental car, I call the car company and ask if they can include a few extras at little or no extra charge.  You would be surprised at how often you can score small upgrades for little or no charge by simply asking for them.

Next question you have is where to find such a pristine Ford Mustang to rent for your trip and how to make it fit your budget.  For me, a little research goes a long, long way.  From car dealerships to standard car rental agencies, there are many avenues you can use, but here are a few ideas off the beaten path – to help you find the best deal on the car of your dreams.  See what your credit card company can do – often times they have discounts that can save you money, they can also provide complimentary car rental insurance, saving you from purchasing it through the car rental provider.  Also, check with any clubs or memberships you have, often they can provide discounts for car rentals, or help you score more upgrades.  Do an online search for coupon codes for car rentals, check with your bank or credit union, there are plenty of discounts available, you just have to ask for them.

Explore the beaches, shops, parks, and unique eateries that Miami is known for and do it in style and do it at your leisure.  Seeing Miami at your pace, leisurely taking in all the fantastic sights and sounds from the drivers’ seat of a sleek Ford Mustang convertible will make this the vacation of a lifetime.

7 thoughts on “The Ford Mustang Convertible”

  1. This sounds like a sweet ride. I have always loved looking at Mustangs, never had the capability of buying one though. For the last few years, I have been saving up money to buy a sports car for myself. Now I have saved up enough money to buy a nice car. This Ford Mustang sounds like a nice car. It looks good, it has good horsepower. As it is possible to rent this car for a few days, I might rent it. Then I get to check out how good it is. If it is good enough, I will buy it. Thanks to car rental services, I get to test drive this car for a few days 🙂

  2. I love all models of Ford Mustang and I have a special fascination for the ones that are convertible. It is my dream to own a Ford Mustang Convertible. I just love the shape and design of the car. The engine sound is superb! I have been saving money to buy one of these cars. Whenever I go on a vacation, I have to rent a car from the rental agency. My first preference is always a Convertible Mustang. Mustang offers a very comfortable drive with excellent acceleration and traction control.

  3. I’ve dreamed of driving a muscle car – this sounds like a great way to make that happen – without the huge car payments, of course! Perfect way to make trip, even a weekend getaway, into a fantasy vacation. Love this idea!!

  4. Recently I had an opportunity to borrow a new Mustang from a friend while my car was getting repaired in the body shop. It wasn’t a convertible, but it had many other fun options including a fantastic stereo. The Mustang was fast,smooth & handled great! The engine had plenty of power, even for those of us who appreciate “muscle cars.” If you have a chance to rent one of these babies while on vacation, go for it! You’ll have a lot of fun and the ability to ride around in Miami with the top down will make it even more memorable.

  5. I am glad to know that the new Ford Mustang Convertible is not an expensive vehicle to rent; cause I so want to experience it after reading and seeing so much of good reviews. I hope it does not disappoint me!  

  6. The most amazing thing about Ford Mustang Convertible is its design. I am in love with this car so to speak. I think it goes with my personality 🙂 I rent one last week and had a great fun. I was scheduled to hang-out with my mates at a bar but I so wanted to spend time driving this beauty, I convinced my friends to go on a long drive instead! 

  7. I never realized how many places there are for discounts – I guess in this new economy, you have find some deals in order to take a decent vacation.  I’ve been toying with a long weekend in either Miami or Orlando, but going upscale for my trip – this sounds like the perfect way to make my weekend getaway unforgettable.

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