South Florida Foreclosures August 2012

There were 4,823 foreclosures filed in South Florida in August this year, according to Condo Vultures, a 43.5 percent increase from the same month a year ago. A majority of the foreclosures, or 2,048 of them, came in Miami-Dade, which has recently overtaken Broward County to lead South Florida in foreclosure filings. Broward County came in second with 1,511 foreclosures, compared to 1,043 in August of 2011. Palm Beach County ranked third with 1,264, about 60 percent more than the 797 foreclosures it saw in the same month the previous year.

Overall, 31,378 foreclosures were filed in South Florida through the end of August, a 53.2 percent increase from the same period a year ago. Broward accounts for 43.8 percent of all those foreclosure, while Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties split the remaining foreclosures at 25 percent and 31.2 percent, respectively. — Christopher Cameron


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