Obamacare – Health Care Coverage

In less than a month, millions of Americans who are uninsured will be eligible to apply for health care coverage under the state’s new insurance program. Preparing for the changes is simple, if you follow a few easy steps.

* Go to healthcare.gov.

* Sign up for text and email updates about any new developments in the program. Provide your email address ad state of residence.

* Answer all of the questions to determine your eligibility for subsidies to help pay for the health care plan. Some of the questions include:

– Are you a family or an individual? Do you own a small business? Businesses employing less than 50 people have the choice of buying health insurance on the marketplace as well. The marketplace isn’t just for those who are seeking individual coverage.

– Are you female or male? What state do you live in? What age range are you in?

* You are then asked about whether you currently have health care coverage or not. If you do, you will need to answer whether you bought it on your own or it came through work. The answers provided will provide valuable information.

– The website lets you know whether you are eligible for the subsidy or not based upon your income. Qualifying for the federal tax credit helps to cover the cost of your premiums every month.

– Depending on the state in which you live, some allow the federal government to operate their insurance marketplace. If the state you live in runs its own marketplace, you will be directed to a different website to complete the application.

At this point, you will be provided with an opportunity to create your account with a password, username and security question. Once the account is created, you will receive a link through email that you have to click to complete the process. Understanding the ins and outs of Obamacare can be confusing, but hopefully, the website will help you to understand the process and make an informed decision about your health care coverage.

2 thoughts on “Obamacare – Health Care Coverage”

  1. I think the Obamacare tax subsidies are quite generous! This is helping reduce my health insurance costs in 2014 as well. In 2014, a single person is eligible for a price break so long as their income is $45,000 or less. A family of four can earn up to $94,000 before they cut off. These subsidies are non-taxable and do not count toward income. And remember, it doesn’t matter anymore if you pre-existing conditions. This changes everything!

  2. Thanks for the helpful info on the Affordable Care Act! I am self-employed and currently a member of Kaiser under an individual plan (in California). I checked out my options on the Covered California website and found out that I can get similar coverage for about half the cost I am currently paying under Obamacare. It will save me several hundred dollars a month. At first I was skeptical about Obamacare, but for me I will work out well. I will be able to keep my current doctors at Kasier, but the cost will be dramatically less.

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