Having a Great Holiday in Miami

There is a reason that Florida, in the southern most region of the USA, is the 4th most populous state in the country. With most of the state being close to the ocean, there are plenty of beaches and some great weather all year round. There is so much to offer such a wide range of people n this state as well.

  • Fishing
  • Beaches
  • Amusement Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Wildlife Attractions
  • Partying

If you cannot find something that you like and enjoy in the state of Florida, then you must be dead already as everything is here to keep all members of the family happy and contented during their stay. Most of the younger generation, and some of the older generation also, have seen some of the parties on MTV, showing all of the college kids enjoying a party in the sun on Spring Break. This is the place of legends!

The Family

There is a wide range of amusement parks, attractions and wildlife on offer throughout Florida. One of the most popular places would be around Orlando where you have Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and many others where you will need to spend more than one day in some of the parks to be able to see and do everything on offer. This is why they have maps and multiple day passes! Whether you want to see the killer whales at Sea World of have your picture taken in front of the famous castle in Disney World, you are your kids will find plenty on offer which will keep you all amused. Make sure you take plenty of sun block though as you can easily get burnt when visiting the sunshine state.


With all of the great weather that you get year round on Florida, there are also some tremendous looking golf courses and some of the most challenging available in the USA. There is abundance of courses to choose from and you can even arrange a specified golfing tour, where you can take in as many courses as you have time for. There are plenty of tour operators who can offer this service at a reasonable price. If you do not bring your own clubs with you then you will be able to hire a set whilst you are there. After hard days golfing there is also no better place to be than the 19th hole! The best place to unwind and relax after chasing after that little ball all day.

Spring Break (Party)

There are a lot of students who all travel to Miami on a cheap holiday during their Spring Break. For a week the town will turn even more into the party capital that it already is, as 1000’s of people descend on the city to party for a week. From beach parties to foam parties in clubs, there is a lot of crazy things happening when spring break comes to town. Pool parties are common and there are lots of drinks deals and promotions so you can be sure it is going to get loud and raunchy. If you are young and looking to party, then this is the place and time to do it. March is when all of the party animals come to town and Miami gets even louder!

The Nightlife

Miami is a lively city all year round and there is plenty on offer to suit all tastes and budgets. There is the theatre, cinema, street art along the promenade and a whole host of bars, clubs and restaurants for everyone to enjoy. Or if you just want to chill put and relax, go down to Miami beach and top up your tan, or sit by your hotels pool all day and have a couple of drinks. Have plenty of rest before you go out and party at night time. You will find a wide range of culinary delights on offer to get your taste buds going and also plenty of places where you can enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sun go down over the ocean. Miami and Florida in general, really has got something for everyone and there are lots of cheap holidays in the USA available. Once gone though you will definitely be coming back!

Ted Hunter wrote this article for Travel Republic, which offers cheap holidays abroad including Miami and Florida. Ted is married with a couple of children and he has enjoyed going on holiday n Florida seen he was at University. He also likes to share advice and stories of his many travels to the USA.


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