German Shepherd Puppies Capturing Hearts All Over

So you’re looking for a puppy. With so many breeds to choose from, it doesn’t help that each little puppy face is so cute. You’ve managed to narrow it down to some key factors you’d like in your pet. You’d prefer a larger breed; one that is loyal, protective, yet doesn’t bark constantly; and you’d like them to be smart. There’s nothing worse than trying to house break a stubborn dog that takes forever to learn. What you have just described is the German Shepherd.

Many view the German Shepherd as an aggressive police dog. This breed only shows aggression when trained and handled poorly. Their intelligence, bravery and faithfulness are what makes them excellent police dogs, as well as family companions. They have a high learning capacity and love to be close to those in the family. This breed loves, and needs, to be around people.

Because they are larger dogs, they will need some room to move around, so smaller apartments would be a struggle unless sufficient exercise is given. Because of their high intelligence and muscular form, the need for mental and physical exercise on a daily basis is very important. Not only will this keep them happy and health, it will also help in keeping them from any doggie mischief. When training, the need for firm but calm commands will show them that the owner is the pack leader, not them.

When looking at a German Shepherd puppy, it’s hard to believe that the little balls of fur will grow to be about 22-26 inches high and weigh 77-85 pounds. Because of their size, and heredity, diseases like hip and elbow dyspepsia, blood disorders, epilepsy, skin trouble and flea allergies are some of the possible health issues.

On a daily basis, other than exercise, the only grooming needed is a brushing to help with their shedding. Baths should only be given when needed, to help keep their skin healthy and reduce the chance of oil depletion. Check their ears to make sure they’re clean and give their claws a trim and that’s about all that’s really needed as far as grooming goes.

So the German Shepherd sounds like a winner and their little dark eyes, bushy tail and droopy ears, make them hard to resist. Now is the time to find the perfect little bundle to bring home. Finding them isn’t that difficult. You can find a German Shepherd for sale in Miami, up to Michigan, all the way to California. Check breeder boards, the AKC, your veterinarian and even online. This breed will definitely make a great addition to any active household

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