Florida Public Adjusters

Florida Public Adjusters – Can They Handle Your Insurance Claim?

When hurricane season starts, most homeowners would be wise to have the name of one public insurance adjuster filed away for future reference. Even if the loss to the property is cause by:

  • Fire
  • Burst Supply Line
  • Polybutylene Pipes
  • Pipe Break or Back Up
  • Broken Floor Tiles
  • Drywall Damage
  • Ceiling Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Lighting
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Malicious Mischief
  • Hurricane
  • Hail
  • Earthquake
  • Windstorm
  • Water Damage
  • Flood
  • Sink Hole
  • Volcano
  • Riot
  • Wind Storm
  • Civil Commotion

Building Damage by Airplane, Automobile, etc. a public insurance adjuster can file an accurate claim for the highest possible payout from the insurance company. Instead of wondering if a public adjuster might help, continue reading to learn the definition, duties, and advantages of utilizing the services of a public insurance adjuster.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

In contrast to a staff insurance adjuster or an “independent” insurance adjuster, both employed by an insurance company, the public insurance adjuster is someone who works directly for the property owner. A public insurance adjuster must be licensed by the State of Florida to represent the insured. The main responsibility of the public adjuster is to protect the property owner’s interests concerning insurance claims against the insurance company.

What Duties will a Public Adjuster Perform?

When a natural disaster changes the face of a community, few homeowners can simply contact the insurance company and proceed to file the perfect insurance claim. Even if the entire family escapes the disaster without any personal injury, the details that must be covered to receive adequate payments from the insurance company must be handled by a professional. Florida public insurance adjusters cover the details and shoulder the burden for homeowners.

1. Immediate site inspection – Public insurance adjusters arrive immediately following a catastrophic natural disaster. Since most debris is still in place when the public adjusters arrive, photographs reflect the original storm damage.

2. Damage analysis – The Florida public adjuster is experienced with analyzing the storm damage. Details are essential to receive fair payment of the claim, and damage analysis is crucial.

3. Gather data to support claim – Specific information concerning the property and the contents of the home should be included in the first claim filed against the insurance policy. Amending a claim after the initial filing will rarely result in sufficient payment from the insurance company. However, re-opening a claim is something that public adjusters do very day. If the claimant hasn’t been properly compensated, a public adjuster can always fight for a fair settlement.

4. Insurance coverage review – One of the most valuable skills of a public adjuster is the ability to read the existing insurance policy that covers the property and leverage every part of the coverage for the benefit of the homeowner. Since the public adjuster is not associated with an insurance company, he will apply scrutiny to every section of the insurance policy documentation.

5. Replacement cost assessment – Since the Florida insurance adjuster maintains accurate information concerning reconstruction and material costs, he is able to assess the actual replacement cost prior to filing the claim. This knowledge will work to the advantage of the homeowner.

6. Works for client – Florida public insurance adjusters work for a percentage of the total claim amount paid by the insurance company. No upfront fees are required. The adjuster is not paid until the homeowner receives payment from the claim. This payment arrangement works to the advantage of the homeowner and creates loyalty from the adjuster.

Advantages of a Public Insurance Adjuster

When life is in order, most homeowners can grasp most of the coverage details printed in the insurance policy documentation. Following a traumatic natural disaster or any other kind of loss, few homeowners are able to just coupe with the details of daily life. The assistance of a Florida public insurance adjuster is invaluable for the following reasons:

1. Loyalty to client – Everyone needs an advocate in the wake of a loss to a property. Florida public adjusters work for the homeowner and not for an insurance company. The adjuster’s loyalty is to the insured who pays him. The adjuster works very hard to make sure every part of the loss  is evaluated and the claim is detailed and complete.

2. Insurance knowledge – The insurance business is one of the most fluid sectors of the economy. Agents and adjusters spend many hours in training about the insurance offerings and the laws surrounding insurance coverage. Public Insurance adjusters bring all of their knowledge about insurance to level the playing field for the homeowner.

3. Knowledge of provisions and stipulations – Legal requirements in the insurance business can change in the middle of a calendar year. All changes affect the claims that would be filed in the wake of a natural disaster or any other peril. The public insurance adjuster is able to keep track of all the details and keep the homeowner compliant.

4. Inventory – The public adjuster is able to help the homeowner to present a list and evaluate the contents of the home. Since the inventory is important for the completion of the claim, the homeowner benefits from the experience of the adjuster.

5. Burden of proof – Florida law states that the homeowner is responsible for proving the validity of the claim. Public insurance adjusters are trained to make a solid case for every claim filed. This is, probably, where more denials given to homeowners who fail to proof the validity of their claims.

How to Select a Florida Public Insurance Adjuster

Request credentials, portfolio, and schooling.

1. Tested, licensed, and bonded – Constantly changing regulations can cause rejected claims if the insurance adjuster is not up-to-date on the most current information. Florida public adjusters are required to comply with and attend continuing education trainings, to stay current with the ever changing insurance industry.

2. Experience –An inexperienced adjuster can cost the homeowner valuable time and money. The best adjusters will be willing to offer proof of their experience

3. Professionalism – This attribute may mean a lot of different things to each individual, but the greatest measure of professionalism is the character of the individual when no one is watching. A true professional will never offer to slide by a regulation or short-cut the requirements for a few hundred dollars more. The highest ethics must be practiced by any Florida insurance adjuster that works for the homeowner.

4. Intuition – Every homeowner has a sixth sense about contractors and craftsmen seeking work. If the insurance adjuster raises concern, find another adjuster. Even when a Florida public adjuster comes highly recommended by others, the homeowner must feel comfortable with the adjuster.


Homeowners and business owners would benefit greatly from the services of Florida public adjusters. Regardless of the kind of loss suffered, if a residential or commercial property, public insurance adjusters are one of the best advocates a homeowner could have. Follow the recommended steps and hire a reputable public insurance adjuster to handle that claim.

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