Durable Helmet is Brain Injury Buster for Riders

Accident seems to be inevitable, but its consequences such as serious brain injury and death are always avoidable. That’s one realization that some riders might have neglected, or just haven’t really realized before landing on to the place near their graves. It causes, thus, an agony and regrets which even time couldn’t promise to bury them in the past. Right, it’s just like a stigma or mark of disgrace. But what if your time to experience the same tragic incident has already been set by fate, how will avoid breaking your skull and legs?

Yes, you can avoid having bruises and injuries that may incapacitate you for life by wearing motorcycle gears before traveling. One important shield you should secure is the durable helmet since your head is the most sensitive part of your body that must be protected. You need no preach for what you already know, but just to clear it out, wearing ordinary helmet can never ensure your safety.

There have already been cases that riders have suffered from serious brain injury because their helmet was substandard or of low quality. Of course, you don’t wish that to happen to you, and you might now be thinking about whether your helmet is unbreakable by asphalt or not. However, by merely touching or seeing your helmet, you can’t reliably tell that it’s worth your money and trust. You must have bases such as (1) DOT quality sticker, and (2) the Brand name. Why? Because if your helmet has been approved by the concerned state agency and the brand name is recognized by most of your peers, then you can really assure yourself of its quality.

But how does really a helmet protect your head from injury? Well, that’s really one essential matter which you should be clarified about so as to avoid forgetting it whenever you ride your bike. Here are the few advantages of wearing helmet while traveling:

* You Can Avoid Violating the Law – riding a motorcycle without helmet is a common traffic violation in almost all states; thus, if you’re spotted by a traffic enforcer driving without such, then you might be paying fines, or your license might be suspended. It is, therefore, always safe to wear your helmet while traveling not just to protect your head, but to avoid legal consequences.

* Secures Your Head During Accident – well, as has already been said, there’s no other shield that can protect your head than a durable helmet. Though it’s not always the head that may get injured, but, often times, it’s the part which is seriously damaged when a rider did not wear it. It is thus necessary not just to check the condition of your bike, but also your helmet.

* Adds Good Look and Comfort – most riders believe that wearing helmet is one great outfit to show the world how it is to be a real rider. That’s definitely true. When you wear a helmet, people can really perceive that you’re a professional rider, and it’s also comfortable especially when the heat of the sun is intolerable.

It’s really one safe reminder for a professional rider to buy and wear a durable helmet since the injury from an accident will choose no specific part of the body. An injury may damage your spinal cord or brain, and that may immobilize your skills and cut your happiness instantly. So whenever you ride, forget anything but not your injury buster!

About the Author:

Susci William is a motorcycle enthusiast. She likes to share ideas about motorcycle safety and related to it like wearing of helmet, leather jacket, motorcycle pants, and other appropriate protective gear when traveling. Safety is her aim since life is precious.


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