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Help keep Clean Our Bay – A Biscayne Bay Project

Love and Care for  Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida

A project by Jesus Portomene, a professional photographer and video producer in Miami Florida.
(Our Biscayne Bay, its being threatened by an invasion of trash that is polluting its waters)

We want to use to illustrate our objectives and motivations, among other imaging and data, the story of a day, at our favorite beach in the Bay. How after we set down the cooler and unfolded the beach chairs, the smell of a large goat in a state of decomposition ruined our plan for a perfect day on the beach. We will show in our video why a goat isn’t part of the picture, and it certainly couldn’t have paid the toll on the way to the beach!

For more information, Watch the video  below about this project.

With just $1.00, you can back this project.