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How to Revolutionize Business While Saving Costs

Excerpt: For the novice businessmen, it becomes a tough task to promote their business due to the lack of a huge capital with them. But, in this article, various frugal marketing techniques are explained for them like collaborating with coupon sites, handle the sales force smartly etc. On adopting such economical promotional steps, a person who has just started up with his business can flourish the same easily without spending huge bucks.


So, you’ve started with your new business and want to promote it more and more? But, it’s not always necessary that you’ll obviously have a huge capital with you! The flow of money might be quite limited for you but that doesn’t mean that your business doesn’t deserve to get a boom!

It’s because there are many such exciting ways to do the same while saving your bucks at the same time. And I can assure you that these budget-savvy methods will let your business get the same extent of buzz that it would have got if the scenario was other way around.

So, without any further ado, let me note down some of such amazing ways which are really worth opting for!

  • Do a smart advertising

While advertising your business don’t go for expensive options. Rather chose budget-friendly ones. For example, you can attach the coupons, various promotional fliers and other newsletters in the shopping bags that your customers will carry. On doing so, you can advertise about your brand to more and more people without spending a lot of bucks.

  • Associate with coupon sites

You can offer your discount vouchers and deals to such coupon sites. Thus, the exciting discount offers from your side will get a better and huge audience and there lies a huge chance that more and more products will get sold.

And, the most interesting fact is that the amount that you’ve to pay to these coupon sites will be far less when compared to the profit that you’ll earn! So, you’ll be on the win-win side for sure!

  • Go for a TV appearance

Well, when it comes to local channels then the advertising rate is very less! So, book for certain time slots in such TV channels for advertising your products or services.

It might not give you a fair chance to get exposed to worldwide viewers. But, the local people will surely come to know about your business who can be highly prospective for you.

  • Get free pamphlets

When it comes to forms or pamphlets don’t spend more on these. Instead of buying those from the local stores, hiring a designer to design the same is a good idea. A monthly payment to the designer will cost you far less than weekly purchase of bundles of pamphlets!

Moreover, can just download some desired ones from a huge amount of free online forms available in the internet. And, then customize those as per your wish through the free apps and just take the print-outs.

  • Reduce your expense on sales force

If you hire your own sales representatives, a lot of things will add-up to your total expense starting from salaries, incentives to training costs, benefits, etc. So, why don’t you go for a contract with the representative of an independent manufacturer?

In such a case, you just have to pay a commission and that’s it! So, it will prove to be much frugal for you and you’ll get the perks of getting a good sales option to make your business known to various people as well!

  • Make sure you’re a good neighbor

If you’re leading an initial business then being social will let you be in the profitable side always. So, make a good friendship with your neighboring business and split the advertising and promotional costs with them.

You can go for a joint sale or share the mailing list and the distribution channels as well. On doing so, you just have to pay half the rate of everything and thus you will save a lot.

So, don’t just remain with a vibe that if you need to promote your business then you have to spend huge bucks. Just follow the points mentioned above and thus you can lift your business without breaking your banks!

Author Bio:

Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.