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Top 5 Interesting Diamond Jewelry Facts

Did you know that…?

  1. This year, the most popular design of engagement rings is the solitaire diamond ring, featuring colorless, round brilliant diamond center stones.
  2. The average carat weight of diamonds used in 2012 engagement rings is.38 ctw.
  3. Traditionally, engagement rings were the ones adorned with diamonds while wedding rings were left simple and unadorned. However, in the past couple of years there has been a growing demand for wedding rings set with a multitude of diamonds and other precious gemstones.
  4. When it comes to alternative engagement jewelry, diamond stud earrings are the most popular type, favored by customers who are interested in more affordable alternative engagement jewelry.
  5. Chinese jewelry retailers and vendors believe that engagement rings and wedding bands that feature a culetless diamond are bad luck. The Chinese are convinced that diamonds are imbued with good luck but that that good luck will leak out of a diamond that is missing its culet (its lower portion) resulting in a stone instilled with bad luck.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, diamond jewelry encrusted with natural fancy colored diamonds can, at times, be more valuable than diamond jewelry pieces set with colorless diamonds. Historically speaking, fancy colored diamonds were thought to be inferior to colorless diamonds. However, in recent years, gemologists and jewelers alike have reaffirmed the rarity and value of these natural fancy colored diamonds.
  7. Reportedly, the most popular type of diamond jewelry amongst men is diamond stud earrings. The most popular style of diamond jewelry with women is, unsurprisingly, diamond engagement rings.

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