What Types of Legal Service Can Be Accessed in Manchester?

Professional legal services can be accessed in any large city. Read on to learn about the various types of legal service based in Manchester, one of the UK’s largest and most economically important cities.

Personal Injury

By far one of the most heavily saturated and publicly accessible areas of the law, personal injury is big business in the UK. Personal injury claims in Manchester involve all types of accident, from car collisions and falls from height to occupational illness and medical negligence.

People in Manchester who have been injured or made ill as a result of somebody else’s actions or inaction may consider making a claim for compensation. Successful claims require that the defendant (the person accused of causing the injury) owed a duty of care to the claimant at the time of the accident. Compensation can be paid if the duty of care was breached and the breach caused the harm in question.

When choosing a personal injury solicitor in Manchester, prospective claimants must choose between no-win, no-fee lawyers and those who require upfront payment for their services. An experienced, reliable law firm has the greatest chance of securing the maximum amount of compensation. Firms such as Poole Adcock Solicitors can provide further information on personal injury claims.


The housing market in Manchester may be relatively stagnant at the moment, but properties are still being bought in the area. One important component in the house-buying process is conveyancing.

Conveyancing must be completed by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer. Ideally, a solicitor who specialises in conveyancing would be selected for the job, which is largely administrative in nature but can become complex when issues or problems arise.

A solicitor can ensure that the purchase of a property runs smoothly, but he or she will also be required to carry out essential checks on behalf of the buyer. The solicitor will, for example, check for any restricted covenants or easements that apply to the property. A restricted covenant usually limits what the new owner can do to a property; for example, they may be prohibited from knocking down a wall or replacing old windows. An easement is essentially a right of access for a third party. Easements usually apply to neighbours or members of the public.

A good conveyancer will also check the Land Registry for any notices marked against a property.

Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney

Making a will or establishing a trust is necessary to avoid intestacy. People who die without having made a will can complicate matters for those left behind. The rules of intestacy can be complex, protracted and sometimes unfair, causing unnecessary stress for families. Writing a will clarifies the position of an individual, ensuring that their estate is distributed in accordance with their express wishes. Solicitors in Manchester are often tasked with helping clients write wills.

People should also consider what might happen if they are unable to manage their own affairs. Solicitors can help set up lasting powers of attorney for people who want to safeguard their own interests when they are no longer competent to make decisions pertaining to health, property and finance.


A solicitor in Manchester will also frequently handle claims involving issues of employment. Discrimination cases are common in large cities, while accusations of unfair dismissal are best reviewed by lawyers before going to tribunal. This is because recent government reforms have made the process of claiming compensation more difficult for unfairly dismissed workers.

Legal services in Manchester also cover civil litigation, commercial disputes, divorce, parental responsibility, agriculture, crime and just about everything else.

AUTHOR BIO :  Maria John is a former solicitor in Manchester who now writes about legal services for a number of publications, blogs and websites. Though Maria specialised in medical negligence, she has experience in several areas of legal practice.

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