What Do Your Eyes Say About Your Health?

Most adults know what it is like to have a late night, eat too much rich food, drink too much alcohol and feel shocked at the sight of the image that greets them in the morning when they peer into the mirror. Half-closed, bloodshot eyes are one of the most visible signs of a late night.

Diagnostic Mirrors of the Soul

The eyes are marvellous indicators of human health. They can present signs of a disorder long before people experience any discomfort or suffering. For instance, an aura or cloud around the cornea could be a sign of raised cholesterol levels and should prompt a visit to the doctor for a blood test to check levels.

Yellow discoloration of the whites of the eyes can signify jaundice or other liver disorders and should be investigated immediately. Eyes that bulge can signify problems with the thyroid and a simple blood test can clarify if any further treatment is necessary. In very rare cases bulging eyes could even be hiding a tumor, so it is important to seek medical advice to eliminate any concerns.

Cataracts, nerve or brain problems or muscle diseases such as myasthenia gravis can cause double vision. Migraines can also cause this, as can problems with the cornea brought about by injury or infection.

drunk eyes photo of a female
Irritants, whether they are specks of dust, shards of metal, glass particles or pollen, can cause bloodshot, watery eyes that sting and prickle. Badly irritated eyes can be extremely uncomfortable.

Dehydration can lead to sunken eyes. This is a classic symptom, easily seen and rectified. Drink more water! Fizzy, sugary drinks are absolutely no use and should be avoided. Good clear water is the answer to the problem and should be drunk regularly throughout the day.


The examples above are known for causing eyes to reflect health problems and, hopefully, can be eliminated by a visit to the doctor. More often than not, people can cure their tired, strained eyes by simply going to bed early and having a good, refreshing night of uninterrupted sleep. Tired eyes are easy to spot and will be progressively more reddened and encrusted the longer sleep is deprived.

Comfortable bedroom furniture, cool sheets, adequate ventilation and no spicy food before retiring will aid restful slumber. Avoid alcohol as it will stimulate the brain. You might doze off as soon as your head hits the pillow, but you may find yourself wide awake in the early hours and unable to find sleep again.

Try to have a walk in the fresh air after your evening meal. Not only will it provide exercise and get your digestive system moving, but it will clear your head and refresh you in a way that sitting in front of the television could never do.

Have a full, busy and interesting day, and try to avoid too much stress. Retire with a good book (but not one that is so exciting it will keep you awake) and a milky drink. Those sweet dreams will surely be your just reward.



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