Ways That Can Help You In Auditioning For Disney Channel

Ways That Can Help You In Auditioning For Disney Channel

Are your children interested to become Disney star? Are you equally interested to make your children’s’ dream successful and want to see him/her rocking in television? Then you should prepare your kids for the upcoming Disney auditions for 2013. Disney has brought the opportunity to the children who are interested to act in the shows that are telecasted in Disney channel. They have planned to organize auditions in various cities such as Atlanta, Florida, Dallas etc in USA in the year 2013. Therefore, if both you and your children are really interested then you have to work on it really very hard right from now.

Apart from brushing up your singing, acting and dancing skills and making portfolios and resume you have to search for proper channels which can lead your kids to the auditions. Following are the ways which can help your further to give your kid the perfect exposure:

  • First, you have to find a talent or a modeling agent who is associated with this medium. If not an individual you can also opt for reputed modeling agencies as well. These are some of the best channels which can help your child to get into the right track. These agencies or individual agents send the portfolios of the kids to various channels such as Disney and others and help to push the children for the auditions. If your child can perform well in the auditions then there is a fair chance of getting selected as a child artist in various programs and shows that are telecasted in Disney channel. If you register your child with a reputed modeling agent or agency that is updated with the latest news of auditions or vacancies they will be able to notify you once there is any audition so that you can attend it at any chance.
  • Second, you should get in touch with the casting director or the members of the casting team who work for Disney channel and hired only to supply talents for the various shows in Disney channel.  You should keep in touch with them on a regular basis for any kind of update related to auditions or other vacancies. If you maintain a good rapport with them they will give you buzz whenever there is any opportunity for your child. You first need to find casting director who has good reputation and uses the proper channels. Then you need to send the portfolio of your child that includes the photographs as well as the bio-data of our kid. Sometimes it may also necessary to take your child for a primary interview to test the skill of him/her. If he/she clear the test then you can wait for the call in future from the directors or the casting directors.
  • Finally, it is gain the internet which can come to your help at anytime. If you do not find proper channel to get in touch with the casting directors or cannot afford to register your child with any agency you can still reach the venue where the audition is taking place. You can regularly check the website of Disney channel and other agencies or individuals where you can get the information related to the auditions informing about the dates and places.

A number of shows such s Hannah Montana, Kim Possible are there where our kids can perform and prove their talent which can make them the future stars.

Genelia Lopez is a professional groomer who has worked for various channels. Now she has started writing informative articles related to child artist and their proper grooming and have share the upcoming event information Disney auditions for 2013.


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