Things You Should Know About Renting A Car

There are many things you should know about renting a car

When you think about renting a car there are a lot of ideas that you probably think of. However, before you rent your next car you may want to think about making it the best experience of your life. The act of renting a car can be an experience you will never forgot. There are many things you should know about renting a car. However, the best thing you can learn is how to make renting a car part of the best vacation or business trip you will ever have.

A lot of us think of renting a car as a stressful experience. However, that is because we are trying to find the cheapest deal for the best quality. We are hoping that cutting costs in a renting a car will somehow produce a high quality car. We handle renting a car as if we are scheduling a dental appointment. Stop treating it like the dentist and start renting a car as if we are going in for plastic surgery and coming out with the best body we ever dreamed of.

Do you want a trip and an experience that you will never forgot? If you do want an experience you will never forgot then rent an exotic sports car or a luxury car. Make the act of renting a car the highlight of your trip rather than the mundane task of finding transportation. Make the best part of your trip the miles you drive down the road and the heads you turn.

Just imagine yourself driving down the road in that red exotic sports car. Yes, the sports car that the spoiler comes up just when you reach 70 miles per hour. The kind of car that people are scared to drive too close to you because they know they can’t afford it. The kind of car that makes you feel like the vacation is what is happening on those 4 tires that you are in control of.

A lot of people have made the act of renting luxury and exotic sports cars a hobby. The best part of renting the cars is that you don’t have to deal with financing the car or taking care of it month after month. You simply rent it, enjoy it and then return it.

The most avid rental car enthusiasts rent luxury and exotic sports cars in the Miami area. Some of the best exotic sports car rental places are in Miami. Plus, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean once you start that engine and drive off in your rental car.

There are many things you should know about renting a car. However, the best advice you should know about renting a car is to make it a sport, make it a hobby and make in enjoyable. Also, don’t forget to have someone take your picture.

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  1. Car rental is always a headache. At least for me. There are so many car rental agencies and all of them offer so much of great deals! I always get confused and puzzled! The rental agency search can start from surfing the internet and gathering information. Once done making a short list eases the process. The next step is to ask for a quotation online. The final step is then to choose the best deal among the quotes received. You should remember to read in between the lines, as many agencies have hidden costs which are unidentifiable. Always try to rent out a car that you need. Make the payment with your credit card to get some discounts. Credit cards can also earn you to have a rental car insurance policy that would save some extra dollars.

  2. Good information here, never thought of renting a sports car for a vacation, but that’s a great idea. Good tips in the comments too, about checking for damage before driving off the rental car lot. It’s to indulge once in a while, the sports car thing I need to try out.

  3. I think renting a car is often a stressful experience because of the long lines encountered at the check in desk, especially at airports. The process never seems to go quick and I’ve often been stuck waiting for one or two hours. The absolute best way to deal with this serious bummer is to sign up for the agency’s “rapid rental” program. For example, at Budget it is called “Fastbreak”. Basically you provide them with all your contact information and payment information in advance. When you arrive, since the agency has everything they need, you can obtain a car in as little as five minutes! These programs are generally free and will greatly help keep your vacation (or business trip) as stress free as possible.

  4. I have one tip to offer: Before taking the rented car out of the garage of the rental company, check it well. Check for dents, check its engine, check whether there are any colour distortion. If you find something, point it out to the company representatives. Otherwise there is a chance that the rental company will charge you for the damage after you give it back. You would not want it, would you?

    1. That’s a very good tip Doris. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I noticed that Alamo stopped offering the small diagrams of the car that let you mark pre-existing damage (or at least that is what I was told). I have an additional tip to help cover your assets. If you do find any body damage on the car prior to rental, take some photos of it with your digital camera before you leave the rental lot. They may prove to be valuable evidence that the damage existed if there is a dispute later. Even a cell phone camera will do in a pinch, but the superior resolution of a “real” camera is preferable.

  5. I agree that renting a car should be a fun experience rather than a stressful event. People think they rent a car when they have to. That is not right. Renting a car can be a lovely event provided you are getting the right car. If you desire a sports car, rent one. Do not look for a cheap deal. Looking for a cheap deal will cost you money but will not give you any satisfaction at the end. I realism that renting a car can be expensive at times, but hay who says you have to do it everyday? All I am saying here is, when you rent a car, feel the joy. May it be once a month, but enjoy the experience.

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