The Skyrocketing Cost of Healthcare – Infographics

The cost of health services has grown at a rate of 5,400 percent since 1960, and this trend shows no sign of letting up. To put this in perspective, consider the prices of a few common items had they inflated at the same rate. A gallon of gas would be $13.50 now. A family dinner at the restaurant would cost $176.58 before tips. The average income would likewise have to increase. $287,010 sounds like a great salary, but toothpaste will cost $13.50 per tube.

Many current students are looking to cash in on the rising tidal wave of health spending. Even in a poor economic climate when other workers are being laid off, health providers continue to enjoy a good salary and job security. Over ten million new jobs are expected to open in the field of health services through the year of 2018. With an average salary of $62,000 presently, there are exceedingly few comparable opportunities.

The Skyrocketing Cost of Healthcare infographics

Source: Top Masters in Healthcare

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