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Different Ways a Tour Operator Can Advertise Online

There are actually a lot of ways in which you can promote your tour operator business both online or offline to attract more customers and getting the word out to the public.

Aside from making your own tour operator business succeed, there is another reason why tour operators should exert more effort on advertising their business. It has to be remembered that tour operators and providers are an important part to bring success in a specific region’s tourism industry.

Tour operators and providers offer tours and other forms of expeditions to promote their region. This is not only for them as a business but most importantly for the entire tourism industry. The tourism industry is considered to be the biggest industry in the world. As a matter of fact, the tourist industry sums up for over 10 per cent of the world’s total gross product. At the same time, the industry as a whole doesn’t show any sign of halting and it continues to grow.

Here are some of the different ways in which a tour operator could advertise themselves online:


Accept it that there are a lot of tour operators in the world. Also, there are countless of them with their own websites fighting to get the people’s attention.

As one tour operator business amidst the millions, you can easily get drowned. So the question now is how can you your company get noticed?

Although advertising still works perfectly well, and that distribution of brochures and fliers may still do you good, the digital world now demands businesses to get themselves online and start from there. Now, the dilemma is how you can float above the rest in the sea of tour operator businesses?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the modern day’s solution to get your business noticed and to further enhance the performance of your tour operator online.

Optimizing your website is one good thing to make your website appear in the first page of the most significant search engines. This works by targeting the most relevant keywords to your business to make your website more optimized when people type in the keywords in the search engine. The more relevant the keywords are to your website, there will be higher chances to get more traffic into it. And more traffic means, more prospect customers. The concept is just as simple as that.

This is considered the most effective cost-effective technique to target customers and draw in more people into your website.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is also sometimes called as CPC or Cost-Per-Click Advertising. This technique is also used to draw in traffic or targeted customers into a particular website.

So how do you think does Pay-Per-Click advertising works? As the name suggests, PPC is a paid listing. It involves bidding on particular keywords that people might type into the search engine. It is important to target the most relevant keywords to your website that will most likely make your website appear on the search results.

When a person types in particular keywords, the search engine will separate the paid listings from the unpaid listings when showing the results. PPC advertising is a paid listing, which the business agrees to pay the search engine to put a small add-on on the right hand side, or the tope left side of the results page.

PPC advertising is somewhat similar to SEO marketing. They are both centered on keyword targeting, competitive analysis and provide great returns in exchange of minimum cost. They also need constant monitoring to streamline the campaign. Monitoring this will deliver more satisfying results for the money a business spends for it.

However, PPC is more likely to deliver faster results for a business website than SEO. With SEO, you website will take months before you can achieve your desired ranking. But with PPC, just give it a few days and you will surely see great results.

Press Release

Press release is one of the most effective online promotional techniques used by tour operators. Press releases can easily catch the attention of readers and prospect clients.

When you just started a business, it is the best opportunity to make an initial press release. It is important to have a database of all the online submission resources prior to submitting press releases.

It is important that the business create press releases for every important event to draw the people’s attention to the business. Important events may include newly added staff members, significant awards achieved, milestones, newly acquired equipment, new techniques applied, expansion of offices or practically all significant announcements about a business.

It is also very important to create wonderfully written press releases to targeted media. This will result to drawing media attention as a newsworthy event.

Tour operators can gain much from this especially to draw people’s attention on certain tours and promotions as well as featuring new places and new services offered.


Newsletter advertising is one of the most convenient way to getting the word out to customers, followers or subscribers. It is also very affordable and puts in a personal touch to customers that’s why it is considered favorable and effective way to advertise.

Tour operators can gain much from newsletter advertising because this provides your business a very cost-effective way to stay in touch with your clients and subscribers. On-going exposure to current subscribers is one great way to make your business be patronized and frequently preferred.

Subscribers can choose to sign up and receive newsletters from your website frequently for all the news, announcements, and promotions that you may have.

Newsletters can be news, an announcement, or any type of article or an array of topics about your business or any topic relevant to your business. Subscribers who love your website and the newsletters you send them can potentially relay your stories to their contemporaries and thus would likely become your future clients as well.

These techniques and a lot of others such as buy advertising, article marketing, getting into niche directories, networking, joining organizations, or making video advertisements combined with excellent service provided to customers can really help make tour operators succeed in their field of business.

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