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How to Keep Tween Girls Entertained During a Sleepover

For parents, tweenagers (those in the precarious stage between being a child and a teenager) are an especially finicky bunch to please. They feel that they are “too mature” for things that they enjoyed just one or two years prior . . . but they are not yet mature or responsible enough to be set free unsupervised. If you have a daughter who fits into this category and are planning an overnight party for her, then you may feel hard-pressed to find suitable activities for her and the partygoers. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great ideas for how to keep tween girls entertained during a sleepover:

Spa night. Every girl loves to be pampered, no matter what her age, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money at a salon to provide the spa experience for your overnight guests. Head to any discount beauty supply store and purchase some facial masks, manicure products, and deep hair conditioners. Then set up a spa in your very own home and get ready to dish some gossip while getting pretty.

Dance party. It is likely that your tweens have some teen heart throbs that they just love to sing along with. Put together a party soundtrack of the latest and greatest tween music, and then clear a space out and let your tween party guests get their groove on.

Create a time capsule. Tweens are old enough to reminisce, which means that they can appreciate the value of creating memories that last and looking back on them as they get older. Guide your tween girl group through a time capsule creation session. Encourage them to find things that they think will be relevant and interesting to them years from now. Be creative and include things like music, newspaper clippings, photos, articles of clothing (or accessories) and personalized letters written by them and to them. Then enclose everything in a metal box for safe-keeping and bury it in a spot where it will be easy to dig up in the future. Then have all the guests vow to unbury the box together at a specified point of time in the future, to share the things they once found significant as tweens.

Produce a documentary. Get out your video camera and tell your tween girls to come up with a concept for a party documentary. Not only will they have tons of fun filming the footage, but they will also learn a lot while editing (with any inexpensive and easy-to-use software) – not to mention the laughs they will get watching it the following day.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do with a group of tween girls to keep them entertained . . . and even have some fun, yourself, in the process. Draw from this list of ideas for inspiration, and good luck!

About the Author: Keren Cordovi has three teen girls and has hosted her fair share of sleepovers. Grab some nail polish, movies, and popcorn and prepare for a night of fun.