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Fun Activities for the Pool

The weather is still warm out, and that means swimming is still a great activity to spend with friends and family. There are so many games you can play in the pool. Do you remember playing any of these as a child?

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a popular pool game played by kids. This game can be played by all ages, and nobody would have to worry about getting left out during the game. It’s a hybrid version of hide and go seek for the pool. One player who is ‘it’ counts to ten while the other swimmers scatter in the pool. The ‘it’ swimmer then tries catching other swimmers while their eyes are closed. There are other rules that you can add to the game, or you can keep it simple, especially for younger players.


If you have a net long enough to stretch across your pool, you can get a very large and competitive game of volleyball going. Players won’t have to worry about diving and hurting themselves on the hard ground. Pool volleyball can be played with a beach ball or a regular volleyball, depending on the ages of people playing the game. Younger kids may prefer playing with a beach ball.


Channel your inner-Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps with this activity. This is your chance to get really competitive. Start at one end of the pool while you are competing against your friend. Be sure to have another friend be the referee of the race. Make an agreement on the type of swim you are going to do. This activity isn’t recommended for a crowded pool, otherwise someone can get kicked or splashed.

Make a Whirl Pool

This works perfect for above-ground pools, and a handful of swimmers. All you have to do is gather your friends and have them swim in circles for a few laps to get the water moving. Depending on the size of the pool, you can get the water moving at a pretty intense rate. Larger in-ground pools won’t usually be impacted by the motions, unless you have a lot of swimmers that have the patience to swim for a while.

Chicken Fights

If you have a couple strong friends you can start a game of chicken fights. All you have to do is find two people to sit on the shoulders of stronger people.  The point of the game is to try to knock the competitor off their carrier’s shoulders. It’s important to not get super violent during the game so you don’t bump heads or hit the side of the pool. It should be about having good laughs and being a good sport.

Mary Richardson is a freelance writer and also a mom. She recently purchased a home with her husband and wants her child to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Mary and her husband have recently looked into filtration systems for their home to aid in the process of living healthy.