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7 Tips For Saving Money On A Car Rental in Miami

7 Tips For Saving Money On A Car Rental

In recent travels to Miami Florida, While saving money on a Miami Car Rental may not seem possible, the below tips can help anyone. Whether you are going on vacation or are simply looking for a different car to drive for the day, cutting out extra costs on the rental can make a big difference.

1. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

If you want to save money on your rental car, the first thing you should avoid is waiting until the last minute to reserve one. Car rental companies can quickly run out of models, especially during certain times of the year. The more cars that are not available, the slimmer your list of choices will become. Instead of having a cheap and affordable car at your disposal, you could end up with something more expensive. Do not wait until a few days or even a week before you will need the car, as this will only lead to problems.

2. Avoid Eating or Drinking Inside Of the Car

Although many car owners enjoy eating as they sit in a parking lot or drive down the road, this is not something to attempt while in a rented car. Drinks can spill, even if great care is taken; food can leave crumbs in places that cannot be cleaned easily. Should any stains develop, you may be required to pay a cleaning fee. This will not help you save money on your car rental Miami. Do your best to avoid eating or drinking inside the car, and ask passengers to take on the same habit.

3. Consider Whether a Rented Car Is Needed At All

On some trips, it may not even be necessary to rent a car. Although renting a car is a great option, you may not always need to take advantage of it. If you are going somewhere not too far away, you could simply take a taxi or a bus to your destination. If you can walk a short distance without any discomfort or time lost, consider this option, as well. This is good for people that are on a tight budget or are worried about damaging a rented car. Do not put your health at risk to save a few dollars, however.

4. Follow Local Laws of the Road

When inside of the rented car, make sure that all laws of the area are followed. It is important to stay a reasonable distance away from other cars as you drive; following too closely can lead to sudden stops, which can lead to an accident. The speed limit should also be observed, as going too fast on the road puts many people in danger. When you are careful and cautious, it is less likely that anything will happen to the rental car. You will not have to pay for repair bills on top of regular Miami Rental Cars fees.

5. Do Not Pick the Fanciest Car

Unless you are using your rental car for a special occasion such as a wedding, avoid going for the fanciest car available. It is not likely that you will be spending a great deal of time in your car, and if on vacation it may be the last thing you choose to focus on. Save your money so that you may buy souvenirs, meals at a nice restaurant, and so on. Do not pick the largest car, either, as this can only lead to more gas that needs to be purchased. Do not pick your rented car based on emotions and you can save a great deal of money.

6. Do Not Leave Any Valuables inside the Car

Although this tip can be applied to many different situations, this does not make it something for a person renting a car to dismiss. If you have any personal items such as a cell phone or purse, do not leave them inside of the car for prolonged periods. Should you do so, people may be tempted to break into the car. This can cause damage to the rental car, and your valuable items will be lost. Try to park the car under street lights or high traffic areas to practice more safety.

7. Do Not Let the Rental Company Fill up The Gas for the Car

Do not let the car rental agency fill up the car with gas; instead, opt to do it yourself. You can save yourself from unwanted fees. No matter how pressed for time you are or how much you dislike gas stations, this should still be done no matter what. More information in car rental tips.