Strategies to Help You Sell Your House for More Money

Why do some homes sell for more money per square foot than others in the same neighborhood? When potential buyers enter a home for sale, they want to see themselves in the home. If buyers see you and your family in the house, they will be less likely to make an offer on the house, and any offers will probably be lower than if they didn’t have to look past seeing you in the home. On the other hand, a completely empty building looks cold and uninviting, so that’s not the best way to sell a house. What you want is a happy medium between an empty space and a completely lived-in home. Here are eight economical steps that you can take to help sell your home for the highest possible price:

1. Remove Clutter
When people walk into your home, you don’t want them to think it’s full of junk. What looks like junk to a stranger? Anything that isn’t necessary. Prospective home buyers won’t value your mementos. Extraneous items in a home for sale inhibit a buyer’s ability to see themselves in the house.
Since you’re planning to move, you have to sort your possessions anyway. Think of this as the first step in moving. Remove all knickknacks. Clear all your counters and tables. Remove all furniture that’s not absolutely necessary. As you go through your personal possessions, throw away or give away everything that you can. Items that you want to keep can be put into a rented storage unit. Remember to go through all rooms, your garage, and your outdoor space.

2. Get the Right Broker
How can you get the right broker for you?
• You want someone who has experience in your neighborhood.
• You want a broker who has experience selling homes in your price range.
• Referrals are great. If you know someone who has recently sold a home in your price range, ask them how they would rate their broker’s performance.
• You want a broker who has a strong online presence. Most people looking to buy a home these days start by browsing online. You should look for a broker who knows how to make homes look good online.
• You can go to open houses for homes in your price range. Evaluate the broker selling the home. If they seem knowledgeable, polite, and professional, then check out their website.

3. Paint
Dirty or faded walls make a house look old and dingy. Newly painted walls look fresh and new. A new coat of paint will have a dramatic effect on a potential home buyer’s first impression of your house. Use light, neutral colors. This is important both for the interior and exterior of the house. Your favorite color is probably not your buyer’s favorite color. The more distinctive a color, the most distracting it will be. Painting is an inexpensive way to drastically improve your home’s appearance.

4. Stage Your Home
A home stager will look at your home with fresh eyes. Before you put your home on the market and bring in prospective buyers, consider hiring someone to stage your home. If your house is empty, a stager will bring in temporary furnishings to make the building look like a home. Home stagers know exactly the look that buyers want. You want your house to have your aesthetic, and you want your home to be comfortable for your family. But do you really know what buyers are looking for? A home stager can give you professional, objective advice on your home’s interior design. A good home stager will work within your budget to give your house the polish needed to bring in the best offers.

5. Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal
The first thing a buyer sees is the exterior of your home, so that plays a big part in forming a buyer’s first impression. If the exterior doesn’t look good, no one will care what the interior looks like. Mow the lawn. Clear any weeds. Trim bushes and trees. Consider adding fresh landscaping such as flowers. Be sure that the house number is clearly visible.

6. Clean and Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces
First, clean your outdoor spaces as carefully as you clean your indoor spaces. Rent a pressure washer to scrub down the exterior of your home and any paved areas in your front and back yards. De-clutter your yards as well.
Second, think of inexpensive ways to improve the appearance of your outdoor spaces. Your front yard is the very first part of your home that buyers will enter. In the back, you want to create the impression of an outdoor room. A little outdoor furniture can make the area seem inviting. Most people don’t pay attention to the appearance of their own backyard fences, but buyers will notice.

7. Increase Your Home’s Storage Space
You can never have enough storage space. Adding extra cabinets and closet space is a great way to keep your home organized and clutter-free.

8. Organize Meticulously
When buyers see your home is well-organized, they will assume that you have been taking good care of the house. Your home is for sale, so everything in the home should be as neat and organized as products in a store. Your closets, kitchen, and bathrooms are the main areas that you will want to focus on organizing. Remember that the order should be immediately visible to a stranger. Instead of putting your favorite items where they are easily accessible, organize alphabetically or by size and color.

Spending a little time and money on your home will allow you to sell your home faster and will also result in you getting better offers. The time and money spent will have a fantastic return on investment. Some of these steps don’t cost any money, such a de-cluttering your home. Most of these steps require very little money. The cost of paint is insignificant compared to the benefits of having your home look brighter and newer. Careful home staging will reap great rewards, as people will pay more money for a home that looks inviting.

Article contribution by Silvia Garner

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