Spontaneous Travel – Renting a Car is Easier than Ever

Traveling used to take more planning and foresight than it does today. Figuring out the logistics and itinerary of a two-week vacation used to be as difficult as drawing an elaborate treasure map. You knew exactly what you wanted to attain. The endpoint was clear. You had been eyeing the salt box bungalow on the beach for the past six months. The vacation rentals even came outfitted with an outdoor sauna and a swimming pool. However, getting from the airport to this treasured dream house on the beach was a delicate balancing act of planning, scheduling and phone calls. In other words, does the airport have a car rental service? Is the airport’s rental service more expensive than the typical rental service?

Today, the virtual encyclopedia known as the Internet can have all of your traveling questions answered in no time. With a little research, you can discover if the airport you are flying into has a car rental service. You can compare and contrast the airport’s rental service with other agencies in the surrounding area. If that beach bungalow is a two hour drive from the airport, then you can determine ahead of time how much money the car rental agency is going to charge you for mileage. In this day and age, all of your questions can be answered with a click of the mouse. Technology had enabled us to take control of our own travel itinerary.

Renting a compact or luxury car from a U.S. airport is simple and straightforward. You can pre-pay and pick-up the car rental at the airport when you land, or you can visit one of the numerous car rental kiosks and shop around for a good deal. Many people who are traveling choose to prepay for their rental. The car rental is often part of a larger vacation package. When an automobile is part of vacation package, the price of the rental is often significantly reduced. If you are planning on having the car for a few weeks, then this is important to keep in mind. When it comes time to rent a car, there are often special deals, bargains and discounts to take advantage of.

The Internet has created a sense of spontaneity when it comes to travel. The itinerary does not need to be so rigidly planned. That beach house is easier to get to than ever before.

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