Special Occasions Call for Special Transportation

Special occasions call for special transportation. Therefore, if you are looking for luxurious, reliable and affordable limo service in Miami, then Miami Limo Service is the right choice to meet your every limousine need.

Limousines are synonymous with elegance, fun and celebration. Once upon a time, Cinderella had her regal coach. Well, for today’s sophisticated brides, a limousine represents that fairytale coach of folklore. In addition to the dreamy and romantic aspects of being whisked away in a limo on your special day, limousines also make fulfilling the wedding transportation needs of your family and bridal party easier and safer.

Booking a limousine for your teen prince or princess, attending homecoming or prom, offers them secure transportation, too. You may hope they do not drink, but if they do, you will be assured they will have a safe and dependable way home.

And are you married couples looking to liven up date night? When you whisk your beloved significant other off in a limo, you will be making your date night extraordinary.

Of course, limos are not only for brides and prom goers. You have finally established the date for that long-awaited reunion beach weekend with your former college sorority sisters. What could be more fun and convenient than renting a limousine for the weekend? And a getaway weekend should be all about relaxation and fun. A weekend like this should not be about stressing over navigating your way around an unfamiliar city.

Travel writers have crowned Miami with the honor of being the “Cruise Capital of the World.” So, with the hope of experiencing the cruise of your dreams, you are now Miami bound. To make this occasion more momentous, consider renting a limo to transport you from the airport to the cruise terminal. When you hire affordable airport limo service to take you to your cruise ship, you are kicking off your cruise celebration in high style, and all you have to do is relax and enjoy the Miami scenery.

And as a business owner, when you need to impress a prospective client, nothing says success and refinement like personalized limousine service.

Whether it is the fairytale wedding, the girls’ weekend in South Beach, the grand cruise of a lifetime or the breakout business deal, when you rent a limo, you will be giving your event that touch of class that only a limousine can provide.

4 thoughts on “Special Occasions Call for Special Transportation”

  1. Most people know you rent a giant boat sized Lincoln or Cadillac limo. But you haven’t really rolled up in style until you arrived in a ROLLS ROYCE! Now that’s a classy and unforgettable entrance! RR rentals are not as easy to find as typical limo fare, but they are out (including several places in the Miami area). You only live once. I say, go for it!

  2. I am thinking about renting a limo for my 10th wedding anniversary. The plan was to bring along two other couples. Soooo in total, there would be about six passengers and hopefully lots of booze! I think this will be a fun way to celebrate on the way to dinner and dancing. I’m not very familar with what kind of limos are available and what size might be the most suitable. I know it sounds weird but some of my friends told me the big ones are not really as big as they seem and even though they might be advertised as for up to twelve people, they really only hold about 10 comfortably. I want a lot of space to stretch out, but I still want to keep the cost reasonable. Any suggestions?

  3. I’ve done a lot of business over the years in Miami and I agree with this article. Renting a limo is a terrific way to impress a client. When a VIP was coming into town, I would make it a point to pick him/her up at airport in a limousine and then take the “scenic route” to our destination (assuming there was time). Two favorite scenic routes that were not too far out of the way were Ocean Drive, which was particularly interesting for first-timers to Miami and the Rickenbacker Causeway, which offers a fantastic view of the Miami skyline.

  4. My son recently graduated high school and I purchased a limo for him and his best friend to transport their dates on Prom Night. I felt so much better knowing they were not driving under the influence. Kids in high school have access to drugs and alcohol. Heck, there was plenty of it floating around even back in my day (80’s). The cost was very reasonable – about $800 for eight hours and my son was thrilled with it. It adds a classy touch while keeping things safe at the same time.

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