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If you work in business, stocks, or shares, and are constantly on the move due to the pressures of your job then there is one newspaper which you should never be without – and that’s the Wall Street Journal.  The official newspaper of the Dow Jones has been in circulation since 1889 and has won 30 different Pulitzer prizes for journalism, so is held in very high regard the world over.  However, it’s a bulky piece of print, and for readers who are on the move it’s not always easy to get or even read… which is why the Wall Street Journal iPad app is becoming an important tool for business leaders and thinkers.  But how good is it and how does it work?  For full details read on for a review of the Wall Street Journal iPad application including details on the content that it offers.

You Will Need a Wall Street Journal Subscription

Before you even consider download the free WSJ iPad app there is one thing that you need to know… you will not be able to access any of the Wall Street Journal content without first subscribing to the online version of the publication.  The iPad app is useless without this as all the WSJ content is hidden behind a username and login wall.

Download the WSJ iPad App for Free from the iTunes Store

If you are already a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal then you will have no problems using the app – which can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store.  Once downloaded onto your iPad installation is relatively easy and takes no longer than 30 seconds or so.  Once installed you are ready to go.  The first thing that you will probably notice if you are used to the paper print-based version is that the app version seems to come with more ads.

Slightly Intrusive Ads – But Can Be Switched Off

Some of the ads can be quite intrusive as they tend to go “full-screen” but are easy enough to close down whenever they do appear.  Some users have complained that a bug appears when closing ads, but this seems to be quite a rare occurrence.  If it happens to you then you should download the latest software update from iTunes and then try again.

Retina Display Improvements for Sharp Images and Video

The latest Wall Street Journal iPad app comes with something called retina display improvements.  Retina display is a new standard that gives improved screen sharpness.  It is certainly very helpful when displaying the rich media content such as images, videos, and online interviews that are featured in the WSJ – and makes the stocks and shares table nice and sharp – other than that though it’s not hugely noticeable.

Compelling Interactive Content and Multimedia

Content wise the WSJ iPad app really is second to none.  If you download and subscribe then you will benefit from all of the Wall Street Journal’s award winning news coverage – and they manage to blend the best of their print paper with compelling multimedia from the online website.  You won’t be disappointed by the sections either, as they replicate what comes in the newspaper version – but in an easy to browse and interactive format. Sections included are:

  • What’s News
  • MarketPlace
  • Opinion
  • Greater New York
  • Money and Investing
  • Personal Journal
  • WSJ Weekend
  • Plus Special Editions every month with in-depth editorial

What Else Is Included with the WSJ iPad App?

Because the Wall Street Journal is published every morning before 7am you will always have the freshest content – and in addition to that any news that is updated 24/7 throughout the day.  The Now Edition is where all the latest news gets published to, and you even get exclusive subscriber only content direct from  All editions are archived as well, meaning you can access the last 7 days worth of content using a touch screen button that appears prominently in the top left of the screen.

Not only that, but you have your own clipboard functionality – which is a little bit clunky, but does serve its purpose of letting you save sections and articles so you can read them later at your own convenience.

The app is also fully integrated with the Social Media networks such as Facebook and Twitter allowing easy sharing and commenting on content.

Should You Download the Wall Street Journal App?

As stated, it’s pretty useless without having a WSJ subscription, so don’t even attempt to install it unless you are already paying the Dow Jones company a monthly fee.  If you are already a member then it offers easy access to all the content – and so comes highly recommended to any business reader who needs to be constantly up to date with world events, politics, investments, and stock information.

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  1. When I saw that this review is about the app, I was hoping there would be no logins or subscription. But I guess I just have to subscribe so I can be in the loop all the time especially on current events. The retina display sounds good! Now gotta charge the iPad and download the app!

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