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Although people try to be as safe as possible in their daily lives, injuries can happen to anyone, and unfortunately, millions of Americans are hurt each year due to the negligence of others. Of these millions of people that are hospitalized annually due to injuries that could have been prevented, some 1% die as a result of those injuries.

In addition to the acute fees incurred from a trip to the hospital, there are many other costs associated with an accident. If an injury is severe enough, a person can require a lifetime of costly visits to the doctor, physical or rehabilitative therapy, and expensive prescriptions. Additionally one must factor in the money lost from missing work following an injury, especially since many jobs do not provide for paid leave in the event of injury or doctor appointments. There are also physical and even emotional damages to be considered for trauma stemming from the accident.

Some of the more severe types of injury that can result from the negligent or reckless behavior of others includes traumatic brain injury, which affects some 1.4 million Americans each year, and often can lead to eventual death, paraplegia and quadriplegia, both of which are incurable and limit an individual’s ability to regain their pre-accident quality of life, blindness, spinal cord injuries, which can result in paralysis, but also have a variety of other negative effects, and, in the worst cases, death.

The costs of being hurt can extend throughout a victim’s entire life, and are beyond the ability of most people to pay, even if they have insurance. If an accident is due to another person’s negligence, however, the other party may be responsible for covering these direct and associated costs. The personal injury lawyer exists to determine if a victim may be entitled to compensation for costs and damages related to the incident, and to represent the victim or their family while a settlement is negotiated or a civil suit pursued.

A personal injury lawyer specializes in specific types of accident cases, usually, and can not only provide legal advice, but can also draw on their experience and contacts to provide expert witnesses for testimony, doctors to analyze the extent of health issues related to an injury, and other legal experts that can determine if there are similar precedents for resolutions for the incident.

Negligence occurs when a person fails to live up to their obligation to provide a safe environment. Property owners of homes and businesses are obligated to ensure that their property does not contain features or a lack of safety precautions that could result in someone being harmed or killed. Common places for accidents to occur in and around homes include in the yard, from slip and fall accidents or dog bites, on tile floors, also from slip and fall accidents, and swimming pools, from drowning.

Another major source of injury is from motor vehicle accidents. In the United States, there are about 6 million car accidents every year. Half of these accidents result in an injury, and about 2 million of these cases are severe enough to require hospitalization of at least one person that was involved in the wreck. Although vehicular factors and road conditions do contribute to some accidents, the driver of at least one vehicle is usually at least partially responsible for an accident in about 94 percent of all cases. The risk of an accident resulting in injury increases with motorcycles, large trucks or SUVs that can roll over, or even when traveling by train.

All of these vehicles can leave victims with severe injuries in the event of a crash or rollover, and many times, the insurance company representing the negligent party will try to claim that the victim was at fault, or even that they are faking their injuries in order to get compensation. For this reason, contacting a lawyer that specializes in motor vehicle accidents is important; they can make sure that the victim receives proper medical care and monitoring following a crash, and will help represent the victim by dealing with insurance companies and ensuring that the victim receives the compensation and damages they are entitled to.

In the workplace, employees generally waive their right to pursue a lawsuit to recover damages for an accident in exchange for being eligible for workers’ compensation. However, insurance companies that represent employers will often try to minimize the severity of a victim’s injury, or attempt to state that injuries were not due to an injury on the job at all, in order to avoid having to pay out damages to an employee. For this reason, injuries on the job often require the assistance of work injury lawyers.

Work injury lawyers specialize in laws related to workers’ compensation, as well as cases that have involved workplace accidents. These lawyers represent workers and are experienced in dealing with insurance claims representatives. They make sure that a victim receives the compensation that they are entitled to after an accident, that the victim receives proper medical care and therapy, and that the worker does not face workplace sanctions simply for the negligence of the employer, or for filing a claim and standing up for their own rights.

After an accident, contacting work injury lawyers or a personal injury lawyer is the first thing you should do. They will make sure that you are properly evaluated and taken care of following the accident, and the extent of your injuries will be determined and carefully monitored so that there is official documentation of your injuries related to the accident. The lawyer will guide you through the legal process, step by step, so that you don’t have to worry about being confused by complex claims forms. These lawyers can help determine to what extent someone else’s negligence contributed to your injury, and the compensation you may be entitled to. Injuries are hard enough to deal with without having to stress yourself over the details of filing a claim, so let an injury lawyer help you to understand your rights and pursue your compensation claim.


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  1. If photos of the scene can be taken, it’s a good idea.
    It is recommended to hire a professional because the claim laws can vary greatly from state to state,
    and if you are not familiar with these nuances, you may not
    get your fully entitled payout. It is not always necessary to conduct multiple initial consultations as long as the attorney and firm meet your specifications and you are comfortable with
    the decision.

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  2. Personal injury lawyers are really helpful. Once I went out shopping with my relatives. The floor was wet and slippery and there were no caution sign set by the store. I slipped and fell down. As I tried to get up I realized that my ankle was paining a lot. I did not realize then that I had a broken ankle. The day after, I could not even step as it was paining a lot. I went to the hospital nearby and after investigation found out that I had a broken ankle and need to rest for few days. I called my lawyer and described the incident to him. He suggested filing a case and claiming compensation for the hospital bills and my days off work. My lawyer was awesome so we won and the store was obliged to pay the claimed compensation!

  3. Quite often, after an accident insurance companies will attempt to settle claims quickly directly with injured parties. However, the amount offered by the claims adjuster may be far less than if an attorney were involved in the case. Uninformed people often jump at it because it is easy and they fear getting an attorney involved. Don’t do it! Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation and if they accept your case, may be willing to work on it on a contingent basis — meaning your out of pocket costs will be minimal. The claims adjuster is *not* on your side, but your attorney is. Claims adjusters try to keep settlement costs as low as possible so the insurance company remains profitable. Lawyers on the other hand have an ethical duty to represent you zealously and a financial incentive to maximize the recovery for each case they handle.

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