Florida Vacation Rentals

Places to visit in Florida for Vacation Rentals by Owners

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. With its warm weather, countless miles of beaches and amusement parks, people from all walks of life enjoy visiting the Sunshine State.

With the economy placing restraints on many travelers, people are looking for more creative ways to enjoy a vacation in Florida, without the enormous expense of a hotel. The easiest way to accomplish this feat is to look into vacation rentals in Florida as alternative accommodations. A vacation condo will offer the same amenities, if not more, than a hotel, while providing extra privacy at an affordable price.

Destin, Florida vacation rentals are mostly located on the beach. This Emerald Coast town is one of the hottest spots to visit in the Florida Panhandle. Popular for its beach culture and fabulous restaurants, many celebrities have made Destin their home. Visitors can rent a beachside condo and be steps from enjoying the powder white sand and exceptionally warm Gulf waters.

Florida Panhandle vacation home rentals are available up and down the cost, not just in Destin. If you prefer Panama City Beach or Ft. Walton Beach you will find beautiful vacation homes for rent in these areas as well. Many people will secure a rental in these areas and spend the next week exploring the Panhandle, returning each night to the beach.

The Florida Gulf Coast extends much further than just the panhandle. Cities such as Tampa, St. Petersburg and Boca Raton are all popular vacation destinations on the west coast. Finding a Florida Gulf Coast vacation rental in these areas can be accomplished with ease. Just imagine sitting in a beach front home watching the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, a much more appealing thought than being in a small hotel room in the middle of the city.

The Florida Keys are perhaps the most visited place in the state. Visiting the Florida Keys is a true experience in tropical living and beach culture. Known as Conchs, Key West natives have a wonderful mix of American and Cuban culture. Key West has many different attractions and hosts many events throughout the year. Florida Keys vacation rentals are available, but should be reserved well in advance.

The Orlando area is known for its amusement parks. Home to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Sea World and countless other attractions, Orlando is a destination for young and old alike. Unlike many of the popular destinations in Florida, Orlando is not a beach town. Vacation rentals can be found in this area, but they are located near the amusement parks and tourist areas like International Drive.

You can secure reservations for these vacation homes through a service or through the owner. Vacation rentals by owner in Florida may be discounted more than a service, but they may not offer as many amenities as one secured through a service. Depending on your preference, you can find Florida vacation rentals in private homes and beach estates, or in high rise beachfront condominiums. There are several sizes to select from, and many of the larger rentals can accommodate up to 25 people in one home. This makes vacation rentals the perfect accommodations for family gatherings, corporate retreats and group events.

People who opt for a condo rental instead of a hotel find that they are much happier throughout their stay. Spacious kitchens, equipped with all the necessary appliances, allow visitors to cook a few meals in-house instead of going to a restaurant. This little difference can help save the guests money, money better spent on entertaining themselves while visiting.

Many of the vacation homes have private decks overlooking the beach. Could there possibly be a nicer place to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic in the morning, or set over the Gulf at night? Being only steps from the beach you are free to enjoy the warm water and soft sand at any time you wish.

Facing inclement weather in a hotel is drab. You are most often stuck in a hotel room watching a limited number of cable TV channels waiting out the storm. Many vacation rentals have full entertainment centers, wet bars and often a game room.

Finally, there is the privacy issue. A vacation home is much like being in your own home. You are not subjected to loud neighbors in adjoining rooms; you do not have to deal with crowded lobbies or waiting in lines. You come and go as you please. You are, in fact, truly relaxing.