Online Shopping VS Offline Shopping

The key to every retailers success is understanding the customer. How do they think and how do they choose where to shop? With online fashion retailers aggressively in the mix, the competition is steeper than ever between the High Street and online. Which makes it all the more important to get inside the mind of your customers! Grazia Daily has done some clever research to unravel the mysterious fashion shopper. Specifically with this question in mind, “Which is better, online or offline shopping?”¬†Displayed in a smart infographic, Grazia lays the situation out for you. Do customers care about social media when purchasing? Do they do fashion research? Where do they spend more money? Retail is an ever changing field and your best tool is to understand where your customers are spending their money. Knowledge is indeed power, and Grazia has prepared for you the power you need to understand the elusive fashion shopper.

Visit one of the UK’s leading fashion magazines Grazia Daily.

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