Is your Business Doing Well In Today’s Economy?

In today’s economic times, many businesses are struggling just to stay in business and survive. However, one particular business seems to thrive even as others are barely scraping by. The car rental business is doing particularly well. People are often shocked at how many individuals are renting vehicles now more than ever before. There are specific reasons why the car rental businesses continues to flourish in our current economic circumstances. Here is the top five…

 Fuel Cost

More people prefer to rent a vehicle given today’s rising cost of fuel. This may seem a bit strange to hear, until you look closely at the facts. Consider this – if a client rents a vehicle with a relatively low mpg for a future trip, they will save a great deal of money in terms of gas mileage. Due to the fact that they are on a trip, and will likely be doing an enormous amount of driving, they will undoubtedly save quite a lot of money.

No More Company Cars

Remember when most companies provided their employees a company car? That is virtually a thing of the past these days. In an effort to economize, several companies stopped providing company vehicles for their employees who frequently travel for business. As an alternative, budget-savvy CEOs will provide a rental car and reimburse their employees for the mileage to diminish travel expenses and suppress corporate spending.

 Driving vs. Flying

People are weary of expensive plane tickets and other surplus fees that accompany the escalating cost of flying as well. No matter if it is work or play related, most individuals would rather fly than drive, under better economic circumstances. After all, saving time is a huge consideration. However, because of the rising costs and increased airport protocol annoyances, the thought of flying has lost its appeal. This is a primary reason for the increase in car rentals as a replacement for flying.

 Unlimited Mileage on Rentals

Nowadays, car rental agreements typically consist of unlimited mileage and are relatively inexpensive. Taking everything into account, renting cars for your impending business trips makes the bottom line look remarkable. Additionally, it’s an ideal and sensible way to maneuver about the surrounding ill-economized businesses to save money at every turn.

Save Your Vehicle’s Mileage

Why not save the wear and tear on your own vehicle? Ultimately, you will save costs in terms of mileage, tires, maintenance, added repairs, and possibly fuel if you rent a car rather than drive your own. Renting a car is simply more practical when going on a lengthy road trip. In the end, not only will you increase the longevity of your own personal vehicle, but you will have a higher trade-in value when the time comes to trade up for a newer vehicle.

For times when you must rent a car, look for both local and nationwide car rental businesses to determine which one is best for you.

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