How You Can Use The Internet To Locate Your Next Job

Common and Not So Common Job Search Options: How You Can Use The Internet To Locate Your Next Job

How can you locate the jobs online that other folks decide not to apply for?

Common Job Sites People Use

Most people who believe that major employment listings are the only option they have will find the job market difficult to muddle through. If the only sites you know about are Careerbuilder, Craigslist or Monster, you might be wondering how you can locate these jobs that other folks ignore. And, your answer: it’ll demand some additional effort on your part but the end results will pay off when all is said and done.

In the grand scheme of things, these well-known employment sites are not going to help job seekers get those great positions they’re looking for. After all, the majority of listings either look like spam or may not actually be available positions. The reality about these sites is that you can submit your resume and wait to see if an employer is interested in you and your qualifications. When you don’t have to spend a lot of time job hunting, the better off you can be.

The Not-So-Common Sites People Look At: How You Can Find Yourself A Job

Now, it’s time to slightly alter the job search process

First, you need to locate a job listings aggregator like Juju or Indeed; something that will pull listings from a number of external sites. Remember, you’re looking to save time by decreasing the amount of work on yourself. And, the good thing about these kinds of sites is that they’ll narrow down the types of jobs you desire. Be sure to choose an experience level that’ll match your resume, is within distance of where you live along with other key points. If you want to be very successful at finding jobs online, be sure to reduce the job results by avoiding ones that are of little interest to you.

For instance: a person was recently graduated with an RN degree and is prepared for a good job. The RN is looking for jobs in a stratified market. This person can look at jobs that include positions as certified nursing assistants or nursing jobs that require a bachelor’s degree. To limit the search, the job seeker can add “-BSN” and “-assistant” to her search.

The minus sign actually means to remove any results with these options. By reducing the amount of results you get, you reduce the number of listings for staffing agencies that have a list for every probable job descriptions. It raises your chances to get employed by permitting you to locate jobs online that closely relate to your needs.

If this approach doesn’t work for you, you can always do the “spread and spy” technique. Spying doesn’t always mean something negative. However, knowing when the listings are updated can work in your favor. A good example of this is your town’s newspaper.  There’s no reason to have a subscription. Rather, just learn when the paper is published so you can learn when the jobs get posted.  For instance, a paper that’s published on Sunday might have jobs that go through until Saturday. Even websites with no ties to newspapers have some type of posting schedule.

The last option is to let loose with the distance requirements. For instance, you live in the area of Memphis. You can look for jobs in the West Memphis or Germantown area. You can also look for jobs in rural areas that tend to need skilled workers but don’t have a lot of applicants. Think about the millions of people living in the Memphis area. Most are not running out trying to find jobs outside their area. Thus, if you can lessen your competition, you can see huge gains.

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  1. Thank you for this article. It is really helpful. One advice i would give is that before applying anywhere, one needs to get all the papers. Sometimes the firms, ask for papers right after receiving the application. therefore, it is better to have the papers ready beforehand.

  2. If you’re from the non-profit sector, Non-Profit Times has some job postings. I also check with local community colleges, churches, even look for local government listings – they tend to have the best benefits packages.

  3. Internet is nowadays the best place to search for jobs. There are many websites that hosts thousands of jobs across the country. They really make things easy, especially for the new entrants, to search for a job. While creating accounts in these sites, pay extra caution to what you enter. Remember to highlight your experience or expertise that makes you unique from the others, which the employers will be impressed seeing. While applying for the jobs, see thoroughly whether you meet all the requirements, and whether you have all the required papers ready before the interview.

  4. I’ve found my last 2 jobs online, one through craigslist and one through careerbuilder. My tried and true tips are do not interview for a job that’s farther away than you are willing to travel. Simple logic, but true. Also, networking is the name of the game, use all your contacts well.

  5. Very nice and informative post. Thanks for providing it. While the middle aged professionals who are already somewhat settled on their job, the new entrants always struggle to find the right job. I agree with the article on the point to give emphasis on the location of the job. If you search for a job miles away from where you live, it might really be irrational to go all the way for an interview and relocate if you are selected. I suggest that the search should be niching your experience and expertise.

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