How to lose weight fast the healthy way

How to lose weight fast the healthy way

How to lose weight fast is a million dollar question that all overweight people have repeatedly asked and have been answered with different theories and hypes. So what is the real deal? Is there really a way to lose weight fast? First of all, much as we all want to be “body beautiful” overnight, there is no quick fix to losing weight instantly.  Perhaps you can try some weight loss pills to help you lose the extra flab, or a rigid workout designed to help you lose weight quickly within a few weeks or so.  The best way to lose weight is through a healthy route where you can get rid of fats consistently and permanently.  Here are some of the ways you can start losing weight:

Body detoxification – Going through body detoxification is a healthy way on how to lose weight fast.  A lot of people are not aware that body detoxification is essential not only to get rid of toxin build-up in our body but also to restore our natural body equilibrium which will ultimately give us a healthy mind and body.  There are ways you can detox your body naturally.  You can go on a fruit only diet for 3 days, or vegetable only diet for 3 days.  What it does is it will flush away the toxins in your body and cleanse your colon. You will not only get lighter after 3 days, you will also feel revitalized and refreshed! You can do body detox for each time you feel bloated and sluggish.

Keep a food diary – This is an ideal way of keeping track of what you eat to make you aware of the kind of foods you are taking.  Having a conscious effort to eat just the right amount of food will help you on how to lose weight fast by making a deliberate choice of what to eat.  Sometimes, if you don’t keep tab of what you eat, you can get lost and lose track of the amount and type of food you eat.  This is where you avoid eating unhealthy foods like sweets and junk to ensure that your body is only getting the right kind of food.  When you log everything you eat, you can reflect on it and see where you can cut back or replace some meals with a healthier option.

The after 6 diet formula – You must have heard of this before, but it is in fact a healthy and effective way on how to lose weight fast as well.  One of the reasons of consistent weight gain is the temptation of midnight snacking or late dinners.  This is where your body is least active and hence your body is burning fewer calories.  If you eat at night, your body will no longer be able to effectively burn it and hence it will contribute to weight gain.  If you get really hungry at night, you can opt to eat something healthy like a piece of banana or apple just to contain your desire to eat before bed time.

There are other ways of losing weight.  Needless to say, exercise is always on top of the list.  Exercise coupled with the above tips should help you get started on how to lose weight fast the healthy way!

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  1. When I was a kid, I used to be really fat. I was bullied, made fun of all the way through middle school and junior high. By the time I became a senior, i thought “enough is enough”

    I started to follow a nutritious diet and started working out. The combination of both soon started showing results. I Started losing weight. But the problem was, I loved food. I had refrain myself from my natural urges a lot. I had to be disciplined and patient with my diet plan. And just after six months, I had lost about 50 pounds.

    So ,my suggestion is, stick to the diet plan, and you will achieve your goal

  2. Great tips on how to lose weight and keep it off! I can relate to the issue raised by “After 6 Diet” formula . Like a lot of people in the USA, in the evening I tend to plunk down on the coach and watch TV and eat snacks, especially bad foods like potato chips, pizza etc. I am quite sure if I could rid myself of this habit, I would lose weight over a long period of time. I may make a serious effort to switch to eating fruits and vegetables and/or cereal as suggested by another poster.

  3. It is indeed a million dollar question. I am sure not only people in the US but around the world are facing this problem and would want to do anything possible to get rid of the extra fat. Obesity is the name of the current fear for people of all ages. I did not know much about detoxification before. Vegetables of fruits do have the minimum calories so if anyone eats only this for three four days, she / he would certainly feel good as it would will flush away all toxins from the body and cleanse the colon. But I wonder whether this will work on everybody or not.

  4. When I get those late night hunger pangs I grab a bowl of healthy cereal or drink a Slim-Fast shake. I’ve found it’s much better than before, when I was going for cookies or chocolate, so I’m dropping a few pounds.

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