How to Find a Great Car Rental Deals

How to Find a Great Car Rental Deals

Before reserving a vehicle when going to Florida or Los Angeles, the Internet can be a very useful tool. The Internet is where tourists can find the best car rental deals that will make their trips a much more enjoyable affair. The Internet allows people to find and reserve their vehicles by doing a comparison search.

In order to find great Orlando car rental deals at the Orlando International Airport, people only need to visit a website that shows them the prices that are available on various vehicles. On one such website, several different vehicles can be rented for a significant amount taken off of the regular price. Some of them include:

The Chevrolet Aveo: This car can be had for $21/day,
The Chevrolet Impala: As a larger car than the Aveo, its price is $25/day,
The Jeep Liberty: This medium-sized SUV comes at a price of $27/day,
The Pontiac G6: This medium-sized vehicle fits five grown people with four pieces of luggage for $27/day,
The Dodge Caravan: For those who would like the space a minivan has to offer, they could not do much better than the Dodge Caravan for $40/day,
The Chrysler 300: For travelers who need a more luxurious drive, the Chrysler 300 offers it to them for $50/day.

In another way to find rental cars for lower prices, tourists may visit the websites of individual car rental agencies. Travelers will find the best Miami car rental deals here, because these car rental companies sometimes give their clients nice discounts. With coupons, people looking for deals can print them for discounts directly from the website. Coupons that allow people to save five percent exist for:

• People over the age of 50,
• Students,
• School teachers and administrators,
• Military and government personnel,
• People who work for airlines,
• Members of the rental company’s discount clubs,
• Law enforcement personnel,
• Weekend car rentals,
• For choosing a smaller, less expensive vehicle.

Tourists can also take the opportunity to enjoy the rewards that some rental companies offer their clients. Signing up for these programs is free for everyone, and gives them several chances to receive a discount:

• The corporate program gives businesses five percent off of their car rentals,
• The Visitation program allows for a five percent discount for everyone who is visiting a national park, for instance,
• Signing up for their newsletters brings great deals and offers right to people’s email inboxes.

When people purchase vacation package for their LAX car rental deals, part of the deal is the rental car. Travelers can book their car rental in several different ways:

• They can arrange to rent the car only,
• The car and the hotel may be reserved together,
• The car can be reserved along with airline reservations,
• The car, airline travel and the hotel accommodations may be booked all at once.

After people have chosen how they want to book their travel, they can do a comparison shopping expedition that will show them the best prices available for what they need. All they have to do is type the name of the airport they are leaving from and the airport where they will arrive, if they want to seek a price on airline tickets, also. Then they will need to tell the system their check-in time and check-out time, if they have chosen to search for a hotel. Then all they will do is tell them how many rooms they need and the numbers and ages of the people traveling.

Although it is better to plan ahead, if for some reason people neglect to book their car rentals early, they may benefit from the last minute deals that can be found on car rental websites at LAX. For those who make it a habit of procrastinating, they may be able to:

• Rent economy cars for as low as $17 a day,
• Compact cars can be had for $18 a day,
• Medium-sized vehicles for $19 a day and
• Large sedans for $27 a day.

To find great car deals, there is even a website that concentrates just on LAX. This website will take people’s information and compare it to every car rental establishment located at LAX. People will enter the same information that was described above, and cheap car rental deals will be returned to them. At this point, they have the opportunity to save even more money on their car rentals if they have a discount code for this particular website.

Sometimes, people have a specific vehicle they have in mind for their travels. Tourists may search for the lowest prices on these vehicles specifically from several different companies such as for:

• Minivans,
• Luxury cars,
• Economy cars,
• Compact cars.

As people are planning their trips, they will want to find the best deals they can for their car rentals. With a little preparation, people can find coupons, rewards memberships and discounts for the car rentals that they desire. Even if people are not very good planners, they can find last minute deals they can reserve if they are booked to travel the next day.


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  1. I haven’t rented a car in ages, usually I just visit family and borrow one of their cars, but I’m planning my first real “vacation” in years – lots of great info in this site, especially for the intrepid traveler, like me!

  2. This is a very useful and informative article, particularly for those who do not have much idea about car rental. While internet is the best place to do the search and confirm booking, it might also lead to minor troubles while taking the delivery. Since the person booking the car is not physically seeing the vehicle, some rental agencies might not just provide the model or the vehicle they promised, which might lead you to some discomfort. It is advisable that if possible, inspect the car personally before finalizing the deal.

  3. Thanks for writing this article – it’s full of useful information. Internet is surely the best place for a tourist to look for car rentals. I sometimes rent vehicles while I go out on vacations with my family. However, I did not know that there were discount coupons for certain professionals. I also did not know that discounts are also offered based on visitation programs. To add on with the article, I suggest that while selecting the rental agency it is always better to chose those with high reputation and those recommended by friends or relatives.

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