Home Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas You Can Afford

The trick to home decorating ideas is to be creative. Let those creative juices flow as they never have before. When the budget prohibits large purchases for the home, think smarter, not harder. Fortunately, today’s home decorating style is free and welcome personal creativity. Decide which rooms of the home you plan to decorate first. Take a complete inventory of the items in the home you simply can’t live without. What remains is open to passing on to relatives or those in need or to be sold at the annual garage sale.

If these items can’t be recycled into a second-life in your home, decide if they can be remodeled to suit your new decorating ideas. Keep decorating ideas simple. A room can be painted most artistically with an investment in simple masking tape to create new wall dimensions with multiple colored paints.

Fun And Fabulous Home Decorating Ideas

For a home that has a specific decorating style like traditional, for instance, there are a number of ways to give that traditional style a whole new look by adding fringed swags to curtain panels. Austrian drapes are another window treatment that can emphasize a traditional look. For a modern home decor, pare down a heavy look by minimizing the number of pieces of furniture in the room, adding a few stylish contemporary lamps, modern art wall prints and prominent sculptures. Make the rooms functional but fun.

For Fun And Casual Living – Go Rustic

One of the most popular modes of home decorating is the rustic style. Bringing the outdoors in is an idea that isn’t new, but can be updated with a bit of planning. Rustic doesn’t have to mean turning your home into a wooded forest. The rustic look also has a wonderful country feel to it that ties family and family activities neatly together. Fabrics play a big role in helping to bring that rustic charm to a home. Simple cottons and everyday fabrics like corduroy, flannel and jersey can stretch a dollar and yet make wonderful home accents for pillows, placemats or window and bath curtains.

For the really creative person, combine some of these fabrics into a quilt-like pattern and add old fashioned crocheted doilies to make armchair covers, hassock and headrest covers. Keep an eye open for bottles and glasses in odd shapes and colors. These have a multitude of decorating uses in the kitchen as storage for mixing spoons or in the bathroom as a candleholder.

Old Shoes, Buttons And Bows

Being creative means seeing uses for things others may not. Old shoes, for example, may be painted and decorated. Then, use them for plant holders. Buttons are always a handy home decorating item. Use several of them to create patterns on pillows or glue them to bottles and cans that will be used to hold pencils, pens, scissors and paper clips. Bows don’t always have to be made from one piece of ribbon. Nor, for that matter, do they need to be silk or grosgrain. Bows can be made from a huge number of unusual items like strips of old fabric braided to form a single bow. Use these bows to add to wind chimes, door knockers or door wreaths for a more personal decorating touch.

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