Do-It Yourself Marketing Ideas For Your Real Estate Business

Marketing is about relationships. Customers are more likely to do business with someone they know over someone that floods them with advertisements. While getting the word out is important, it’s better to reach smaller masses with relationship marketing than large masses with bulk email or spam.

If you’re like me, when the mail arrives, you sort through looking for junk-mail. Everything that looks like blind-advertisements is tossed without a second glance. The same holds true for junk-email. People trash anything that looks like spam, and then go back to read things that sound interesting. Marketers try to get around this by sending official-looking letters or emails to force customers to open it, but once they discover the truth, in the trash it goes. Deception is a terrible marketing practice, for it breeds distrust and many potential customers will mentally blacklist your business. So how do you reach customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace? How does a real estate business find do-it yourself marketing ideas? You find them right here, of course!

Social media holds many great opportunities to market your real estate business. With sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs, your business already has the tools it needs. And don’t forget search engine optimization to make your site appealing to companies like Google. Tap into these resources and use them to reach customers.

Let’s start with a good information site. Blogger and WordPress make it easy to create a site with little expertise. Provide valuable content and start pushing traffic toward your site. Begin with a blog or website because this is where you want to drive your traffic.

Create or accumulate valuable information that customers in your market want to read. Provide content about finding the right neighborhood, schools, or a location with conveniences that appeal to buyers. Write reviews about neighborhoods. Write articles on why customers should buy now.
Write about anything that provides helpful information to potential customers. There are also blog plugins which add MLS listings in the areas you cover.

When it comes to blogging, if you enjoy writing, keep the content flowing on a regular basis. If you don’t enjoy writing, either partner with someone, or just put a handful of posts with quality content that won’t become irrelevant quickly. When readers come to your blog, it provides you with the opportunity to pitch your services to the customer.

The most important driver is good search engine optimization. Post articles with the keywords that people are searching for. This targets customers who are using search engines for the content you have. It’s also a good option to buy Google Adwords. When certain words are searched, Your ad will pop up for users to click on.

Build relationships with potential clients. Sites like Pinterest allow you to post photos of listings and other interesting pictures. This can be linked back to your site. Pinterest allows users to follow your photos and be notified when you add new ones.

Connect to people on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t just advertise your business or blog, make interesting posts that people might share with their friends. If people like you online, they will be open to your marketing. Connect with friends of your friends and use hashtags for people to find your posts, and search hashtags to find more people to friend.

Use social media for connecting with people on a personal level. Weave your marketing into your online personality, but don’t make marketing your entire online presence. Make friends, for friends love to buy from friends. Start connecting and market yourself!


Ben writes mostly about blogging, internet marketing Search Engine Optimization techniques and best practices. He is also a consultant for reputed real estate company In this article, Ben shared with us some of his most useful tips in DIY Internet marketing.

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