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Puerto Rico

Traveling to Puerto Rico is an amazing experience. Not only is Puerto Rico have beautiful scenery, but it is filled with history and charm as well. There is much to do on the tiny island. Puerto Rico is an island located within the Caribbean just west of the Virgin Islands and east of the Dominican Republic. The island is composed of people who speak English as well as Spanish. It is a wonderful travel destination with a wealth of options to satisfy anyone’s taste.


Puerto Rico is a great travel destination due to its moderate temperatures. The weather ranges from warm during the day to cool at night and the temperature stays between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. There are beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and even a rainforest. The rainforest located on the island of Puerto Rico is the only rainforest in all of the United States. It includes waterfalls, exotic birds and gorgeous, scenic flora.

Puerto Rico - Color

Along with the unique rainforest, travelers go to Puerto Rico to spend time at the wonderful beaches; the beaches on Puerto Rico include 270 miles of white sand and clear blue water perfect for rest and relaxation.

History and Accommodations

Many travelers visit Puerto Rico for the wonderful history. There are countless historic churches on the island, along with many historical sites to behold. And, if you are traveling to Puerto Rico, you will not be short of accessible accommodations. There are fantastic places to stay in all areas of the island.


Along with a great wealth of history and beauty, Puerto Rico has a great amount of nightlife, including casinos that are located within the hotels. There is an overall high level of energy on the island, due to travelers and sightseers alike. Rum is one of the main exports on the island and no matter where you go out, you will be sure to get great tasting alcoholic drinks with high quality rum. Both rum companies Bacardi and Don Q produce rum on the island of Puerto Rico.

San Juan Puerto Rico at night

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My wife and I will be traveling to Puerto Rico for the first time from Nov. 2 – Nov. 12, 2012. We’ve been to other islands in the Caribbean and want to rent a car and explore the island. We have all kinds of interests and are open