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Information Technology: What is the Oracle DBA Certification?

Oracle DBA certification is not one specific program, but a series of programs and tests developed by the Oracle Corporation to qualify database administrators to administer, repair and use their applications. There are different levels of certification including associate, professional and master levels. Oracle also provides training and certification for using other software with databases such as SQL and Linux.

How to Get Training

There are multiple ways to receive Oracle DBA certification training. Students can attend classes at a college or university and then take a certification exam administered at one of Oracle’s national testing centers or a testing center that is administered by one of their certified third-party partners. Working IT professionals, or aspiring professionals may choose to train themselves by reading books, studying information online and/or practicing in the field. There are also specialized training schools that offer training classes and administer their own exams; however, it is important to make sure that you take an exam at a place that is Oracle-certified so that you earn full credit for your certification. Oracle Corporation also has many valuable resources for training and test available on their company’s website.

Why to Get Certified

Oracle DBA Certification is essential for database administrators. Many employers refuse to even interview database administrator candidates who aren’t Oracle-certified. Certification cannot only make the difference between getting the job or not, it also means that you will be more eligible for promotions and raises as you earn additional certifications. Oracle’s software products are the de facto industry standard for database software and being certified by Oracle shows employers that the software manufacturer has tested you and you proved your skills. Having Oracle’s seal of approval qualifies you as an expert in the use of their software products and will help solidify your credentials as an IT professional.

What Comes Next

First, you have to choose which certification path you want to follow and figure out the best way to complete your education. Decide if you want to start out being a database administrator, application developer and database operator. Students who are just entering the field should speak to a career counselor. IT professionals already working in the field may have an idea of where to start based on job openings they have seen or jobs they are trying to get. If all else fails, there are several forums online for IT professionals and you can ask experienced professionals for their advice on what path to follow. It’s also important to remember that certifications have to be updated as new technology emerges, so keep in mind that maintaining your Oracle DBA certifications will require lifelong learning.

Certifications are an important asset in the information technology industry, and Oracle certifications are very highly regarded by employers. If you are considering any type of IT career using Oracle products, not getting certified will come back to haunt you. Although getting Oracle DBA certification requires a large investment of time and money, it is an investment that will always pay off.

About the Author: Licilla Hadel is a budding IT specialist who is looking to branch into the world of test automatation and app creation. She loves exploring new trends in technology so she can share developments and information with others.