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Geeks vs. Nerds

There are Geeks and then there are Nerds. Many people use these terms to describe those around them. Some use them to describe themselves. These words have been in books, movies, and on TV. Yet, what defines each word is vague and open to much interpretation.

What do these words really mean? The world needs a way to tell which is which and who is who. Needs a concrete method for determining who is a Geek and who is a Nerd. A way to decide if one is better than the other. A way to determine if these words are insults or praises. The world needs a map to guide them on this road to proper nomenclature.

Finally, that map is here. It will once and for all answer the great question that has plagued us for many a generation. It will finally put an end to the ultimate battle — Geek vs. Nerd.

Geeks vs. Nerds