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Turning Your House Into a Home

Whether you are moving into a new place or are considering redecorating a current home you should consider upgrading. Just because you may move in a few years, or you plan to have kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surround yourself with beautiful furniture. You want to begin to acquire home furniture that will last as you age.

When you are choosing high quality pieces be sure to look for certain things:

• Quality hard wood
• Metal furniture legs
• Quality fabrics
• Good construction
• Items you love

Quality Hard Wood: Many of the items we’re familiar with are probably made of medium density fireboard or MDF. This is an amalgamation of wood which is prone to breaking quickly. Choosing pine, oak or maple will increase the quality and durability of your wood furniture. If you would like to make your own furniture, speak with your local lumber yard. They may have access to quality reclaimed lumber which is wonderful for making tabletops and bed frames.

Metal Furniture Legs: Items such as couches get moved around a home quite a bit. Whether you like to move them around the room when redecorating or simply from the day to day movement of people sitting down and standing up; couch legs have a large job to undertake. Replacing wood legs with metal legs gives your couch more durability.

Quality Fabrics: Choose high quality wool, cotton, linen and silks. You will want to be careful where you use them as some hold up to high traffic better. Imagine purchasing a high back chair refinished in blue velvet when your kids are born; that may be the same chair they request when they move into their first home.

Good Construction: Furniture from couches to dining hutches needs to be constructed well. When you lean against a table or shake it you want it to be sturdy. Consider investing in a table saw and reading up on DIY projects for guidance to creating your own tongue and groove furniture. If constructed well, these pieces can easily turn into family heirlooms.

Items You Love: Go ahead and buy that chair that you’ve always had your eye on since your younger years. Opt for the high quality leather, replace the wooden legs with metal furniture legs and begin to build memories. There’s a benefit to being surrounded by beautiful things.

Begin now by curating your home with furniture that will last as you age.

Mercedes Potter is an elite writer offering contemporary home decor ideas. Follow her @CedesPotter to see other home decor related blog posts.