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Flowers for Special Occasions

Flowers for Special Occasions

The presence of flowers, in and of themselves, is a gift. Sending flowers to someone you love continues the legacy of that gift. Flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and species. When looking to flowers for gift giving ideas, one is never at a loss for choices.

Sending flowers for various occasions, whether they are happy or sad, has been ceremonial for hundreds of thousands of years. Today, the sending of flowers for special occasions, or even none at all, continues. Birthdays, the birth of a newborn, saying I’m sorry, and Valentine’s Day are all, most certainly, popular reasons for sending flowers. Perhaps, though, the most meaningful are wedding flowers. Nothing is more indicative of a festive celebration than the wedding flowers. Wedding flowers are as integral a part of the wedding ceremony as the food, the venue, and the music. Certain flowers have always had an assortment of connotations tied to them. During Roman times, rose petals were dropped from the ceiling onto guests while they dined to define luxury, and women used the petals of roses for beauty purposes. Roses were grown in gardens, often times more than food. The rose is often given to show and express various types of love, and, therefore one of the most popular choices for wedding flowers would be the abundance of colored roses.

The Red Rose

Legend has it that the Greek goddess, Chloris, named the red rose as queen of all flowers and, thereafter, Aphrodite passed the rose on to the god of love. The trend of giving a rose as gift to show love stemmed from this tale. Individual colored roses are used to define different types of love. The red rose signifies true love.

The Yellow Rose

A yellow rose indicates an offering of friendship and caring. Sometimes, a yellow rose is offered out of friendship during the beginning of courtship.

The Pink Rose

A pink rose, often times, is offered as a token of sympathy to those who have suffered a loss.

The White Rose

The White Rose symbolizes chastity and virtue, which is why it is often the perfect choice for weddings.

However, colored roses are not the only option in the slew of gorgeous multitudes of rainbow hued flowers from which a bride can choose. With offerings such as orchids, lilies, gardenias, and calla lilies, a bride can opt for traditional flower fare or non-traditional in the form of tropical blooms such as cymbidium orchids or heliconia flanked with tropical ginger for a more tropical flare. For more traditional options, white calla lilies paired with fern and baby’s breath or white gardenias with lily of the valley dangling and spilling down over the stem of the bouquet are a choice of pure perfection. Today, weddings are set to themes and, therefore, the flower arrangements must be thematic as well. The theme of a wedding with flowers to match is almost as important an aspect as the actual venue itself. Brides and grooms today have chosen themes such as tropical weddings, beachfront weddings, and even masquerade weddings. Each and every one of those brides-to-be are sure to tie in their themes with their floral arrangements.

Back in the day, the traditional wedding consisted of what denomination of religion the couple belonged to, and pretty much began and ended right there. Today, theme based and destination weddings have changed all that. Also changing is the way a bride-to-be chooses, orders, and buys flowers for her special day. With the opportunity to buy flowers online, send flowers international, or purchase just flowers on your own and create your own bouquets from a do-it-yourself kit has changed the way people buy their buds and blooms.

Buying flowers online from websites specializing in just flowers, offer the option of next day flower delivery. Being able to peruse the bountiful supply and endless possibilities of combinations, a young couple today can certainly pick any style, color, and variety of flowers to go with their beloved themed wedding. Another perk of purchasing floral arrangements online would be the promise of next day flowers where, in many cases, a bride has decided to add just a bit more color and ambience via those floral arrangements to her special day. Having flowers shipped on a next day basis can also ensure the most freshly cut, blooming, and exquisite flower arrangements one has ever seen. Wedding floral arrangements as well as the distinguished bridal bouquet can be made as lavish or as simply elegant as desired. From tropical blooms ranging from fiery red, to blazing oranges, and from the whitest of white roses, gardenias, or lilies depicting pureness, virginity, and innocence, there are a bevy of blooming options. Buying in bulk from an online florist can also save couples a significant amount of time and money. Saving money, while presenting an opulent and lavish wedding is sure to make a bride’s smile as bright and colorful as the flowers she has chosen. Being able to save time while purchasing elegant, fresh cut flowers from the comfort of your home also leaves a bride with a happily ever after glow.

From exquisite to simple, and with a bevy of choices, a hue of colors, and a rainbow of selection at your disposal, choosing your exquisitely designed wedding flowers conveniently online will leave a bride as breathless as her baby’s breaths.

The mere presence of flowers brightens, comforts, and alters a mood and ambience. With the ease of flower delivery via the internet offering flowers online with options such as next day flower delivery and sending flowers international, why not turn the presence of flowers into a present of flowers and send flowers today.