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Finding Online Discounts on Pet Medication

Finding Online Discounts on Pet Medication

When your pet is sick or in need of vaccines, it is important to take your pet for a visit to the veterinary hospital. While these vet visits are necessary to keep your pet in optimal health, they can also be very expensive. It is possible to save money on pet medications without compromising the quality of the medication or your pet’s health by purchasing pet medications online.

Finding discount pet medication online is not a difficult task. There are many websites that offer substantial discounts on pet medication. The pet medication that you buy from online pharmacies is the same formulation that you would find at your veterinarian’s office or local pet store. You will find every major brand of pet medication at these online pharmacies at a fraction of the cost. Do your research and sign up as a new customer on several different pet pharmacies’ websites. Often these pharmacies will offer discounts to new customers so be sure to provide your e-mail address.

Depending on the type of medication that your pet needs, some pet medications may require a prescription by a licensed veterinarian. If your pet requires medication that is by prescription only, you can still order discount pet medication online but you will have to provide the written prescription to the online pharmacy before the item will ship. Ask your veterinarian for a written prescription or ask them to fax to the prescription to the online pharmacy directly. Your veterinarian’s office will understand that while you will still remain a loyal customer, in these tough economic times you need to cut costs where you can in order to provide for your pet. Once the online pet pharmacy verifies your prescription, you items will be shipped and often the pharmacy will keep your prescription on file so that you will not have to get a new one when ordering refills.

There are many different types of pet medications that you can buy online without a prescription. While you should never try to diagnose your pet on your own when it comes to a serious illness, you know as an experienced pet owner if your dog needs minor care. Minor care items such as worming or ear mite medication or flea and tick preventatives can all be found online at discount pet pharmacies. Other discount pet medication items that you can buy from online pharmacies include heartworm preventative, medicated shampoos, antifungal creams, wound care items and pet pain medication.

Don’t be afraid to try online pet pharmacies that are based in other countries. For example, you can purchase the same types of flea and tick preventatives from online pharmacies in Canada and Australia for much cheaper than you can buy it for at your vet’s office. The pet medication is exactly the same formulation, but you may need to check the weight on the boxes because the weight range for dosing may be listed in kilograms instead of pounds. Most online pet pharmacies will do the math for you and post the conversions on their website so that you will not mistakenly give your pet the wrong dose. Overseas pet pharmacies usually ship pretty quickly and the shipping time is surprisingly not any longer than those in the United States or Canada.
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Pet medication identification will not be a problem because all of the discount pet medication that you buy online should be clearly labeled exactly the same way as if you bought it from the vet’s office. Pet medication information as well as dosing instructions should be on every individual item that you buy. You will not have to worry about having a problem with dosage or with trying to figure out how often your pet will need the medication.

Pet medication side effects are rare, but can be serious. If your dog simply refused one meal or is not as active for part of a day, you should watch your dog to make sure that more serious symptoms do not develop. Your dog may take a day or so to adjust to their medication, especially if it is new. More serious side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss or not eating for more than a day, a serious decrease in energy level or excessive lethargy, seizures, breathing problems, excessive urination, confusion and disorientation. If you notice any of these symptoms or signs that could indicate that the animal may be in serious distress, you should call your veterinary immediately.

You may not realize that online pet pharmacies are great resources when it comes to pet ailments and minor illnesses. Pet pharmacies offer tips on many aspects of pet care, such as vitamins for optimal skin health or supplements to help with joint pain. Pet medication information is usually listed on the web page beside every product and even if you are not looking to buy something for that specific ailment, you can learn a lot about prevention by reading the descriptions.

Prevention is key to keeping your pet in the best health, so be sure to check the online pharmacies for discount vitamins and supplements if you choose to provide these items for your pet. For example, you can purchase omega-3 fatty acid supplements that keep your dog’s coat in great shape or to help the pets with allergies that cause itchy skin. You can also find supplements like glucosamine, which helps to keep the joints of older dogs flexible and pain free. These pharmacies also carry items such as homeopathic or natural remedies for those who wish to go the natural route.

Online pet pharmacies are also a great place to find discounts on grooming products. They often carry a variety of shampoos, conditioners and tear stain removers. Additionally, you can find great pricing on home grooming tools such as brushes, combs, nail clippers and de-shedding tools. You can save on grooming expenses by buying your own tools and supplies at the pet pharmacies online. This way you can either eliminate the trip to the groomer altogether or cut down on their visits by touching up your pet’s grooming in between appointments.

Most online pet pharmacies carry items for all types of pets, not just cats and dogs. There are remedies for small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and guinea pigs. Online pharmacies also carry supplies for fish and reptiles. Many even support farms by carrying a wide variety of items for livestock, such as horses, sheep, goats and cows. Farmers can often buy products in bulk for these animals, thus saving a substantial amount by buying online.

Breeders can buy vaccines and syringes from online pet pharmacies, which can save them a significant amount of money when they have to vaccinate ten or twelve puppies at a time. If you are a breeder, you should check the laws in your state or just check with the pharmacies’ website to see if you can have vials of vaccines and syringes shipped without a prescription.

To get an idea of how you can save even more on your pet’s prescriptions, research a few different online pet pharmacy websites. You will able to see exactly what types of items they offer and compare their pricing to what you would normally pay for the same items if you bought them from either your veterinarian or a local pet store. You will be pleasantly surprised at the savings potential when you add up the cost of all of the pet items that you buy in a year.