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Simple guidelines for keeping your pets happy, healthy and contented

A pet can be a lovely addition to your home, giving hours of pleasure to the whole family. They can also be a great way to teach children how to be responsible for looking after an animal. But there are several things to consider so that your pet is always in the best of health.

A good diet
The correct feeding of an animal is vital to ensure optimum well-being. Different pets have various requirements, so it is important to make sure you know exactly how your animal needs to be fed. Younger animals such as kittens and puppies will have different requirements from older ones; make sure you know what type of food they need to help them grow and how much you should give them. The correct food will provide all the vitamins and minerals necessary for maximum health.

Cats, for example, are often fed on dried kibble or tinned food. These are available in a variety of flavours to keep things interesting for your pet, making mealtimes fun. Dried cat food is convenient and easy to use. However, as cats are naturally carnivorous, it is necessary to make sure they have a balance of both plant-based and animal-based protein. Insufficient water can be detrimental to an animal’s health, so fresh water should be available at all times to keep them fully hydrated. Most animals enjoy a mixed diet of both dried and wet food, along with the occasional treat of fresh meat or fish! Getting the right diet is crucial as it may avoid potentially costly health issues in your beloved animals.

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Keeping healthy
Animals have their own health issues, just like humans. Regular preventative treatments should be part of your pet’s healthcare routine to avoid pests such as fleas and worms. Give the appropriate medication according to the guidelines, regardless of whether or not you find any evidence of infestation. By the time you see them, the situation may already be well advanced. Some animals, like cats, will wash themselves whereas dogs may need some help to keep clean, especially if they have been for a very muddy walk! Regular washing and grooming will not only keep your pet’s fur in good condition, but will also help to minimise parasites that may dwell in their coat. Trim any hair that obscures their vision and ensure they have access to surfaces to scratch in order to keep claws at a healthy length.

One of the downsides of owning a pet is that it can be very upsetting when they are unwell. Common problems can include diabetes, dental problems, kidney disease or obesity. Many of these health issues can be improved with a good diet, but there may be occasional times when medical intervention is necessary. Look out for alterations in feeding patterns or changes in behaviour, as these can be indicators that there is something wrong. Although this can be distressing for you and the animal, it is best to seek help as soon as you notice something is wrong to speed their recovery as soon as possible.

By feeding your pet the correct food and maintaining their general health, you can be confident that you and your pet will both be happy.


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