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Miami Beach Choices for Car Rentals

Miami Beach Choices for Car Rentals

Because it is such a wonderful vacation destination there are many choices for car rentals in Miami Beach.  The major chains such as Enterprise, Thrifty, Alamo, Avis, Hertz, and Budget are all available.  Smaller companies such as Miami Beach Rent A Car and Miami Rent A Car also provide quality vehicles and great service for all your car rental needs.  These companies offer discounted rates, some starting as low as ten dollars a day.  Since the area is so popular to tourists and businessmen, be sure to get a reservation in advance by either contacting the company directly or by going through a third party company such as Orbitz, Kayak, or Expedia.

And why not treat yourself?  A rental car does not have to mean an economy car, especially in Miami Beach.  Why not check out a Luxury car and drive the car of your dreams!  Even if it is only for a few days, it will be worth the extra few dollars to rent a nice Lamborghini, Porsche or Aston Martin.  Miami Beach is a perfect place for luxury car rentals.  Enjoy the feel of a new Ferrari or Jaguar as you drive along the beach.

Many companies offer car rentals right at the airport so there is no need for a taxi or bus service.  Most companies offer a pick-up service that will bring your rental car to you. Even while enjoying this convenience, be sure to take the opportunity to try out a vehicle that you might actually purchase one day. A few days or even a week of a car rental will teach you more about the car than a short test drive from the dealership, and you’ll find everything imaginable if you’re looking for car rentals in Miami Beach.   Enjoy your trip to Miami Beach and enjoy putting miles on someone else’s car!

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