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Exercises To Lose The Belly Fat and Add The Muscle

Two Types Of Exercises Combined To Help You Lose The Belly Fat and Add The Muscle

Any exercise is a good thing but doing exercises that are geared toward helping you lose belly fat is even better. As you may know, belly fat is thought to be the most dangerous kind of fat a person can have. It poses a great health risk with an array of serious health problems like:

– High cholesterol
– Heart disease
– Stroke
– Sleep apnea
– Cancer
– Type 2 diabetes
– Depression
– Slow metabolism

Thus, you need to ensure that the exercises you do is geared toward losing that excess belly fat. After all, you don’t want to be hauled everywhere you need to go with a stretcher.

Two Exercises That Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

What exercise can help you drop the belly fat? For decades, people thought exercised meant running shoes and machines. However, things are certainly changed. There have been some interesting developments in the science of exercise; developments that would cause you to disregard those old school developments. There are two kinds of exercises that studies have proven to help get rid of belly fat at a high rate.

1 – High Intensity Interval Training

The first exercise is known as high intensity interval training (or HIIT). A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine was conducted to find out what effects HIIT had on belly fat (also known as visceral abdominal fat). It showed that high intensity interval training was best at reducing belly fat.

Keep this in mind that next time you’re on that treadmill and are bored by the constant marching you have to do. Why not spice up your exercise with some intense challenges? It’s recommended that people do up to four minutes of intense exercises follow by another two minutes of low intense exercises. By doing these exercises, it’s enough to reduce the size of the waistline significantly. It’s also proven to raise your heart rate recovery, cardiovascular function and aerobic fitness.

2 – Bodyweight Exercises

A second kind of exercise that you can do to lose belly fat is bodyweight exercises. The difference between bodyweight exercises such as squats, pushups and lunges, and high intensity interval training is that it also builds muscles as it drops the belly fat. Muscle is quite helpful in reducing belly fat. And, doing a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training exercises can have a double effect on the belly fat. If you do 30 minutes of bodyweight exercises four days a week, you’ll increase the speed of your metabolism through muscle gain and burn off an excessive amount of calories.

One Major Secret About Losing Belly Fat:

Here’s something you may not know: mix these two exercises to drop the belly fat. Do your bodyweight exercises at a high intensity interval. For example, in 20 seconds, do as many pushups as you can. This means really pushing yourself to get it done. Rest for 10 seconds and then repeat it…eight more times. If you want to drop the weight and add some abs, do this four-minute high intensity bodyweight exercise to help you out.