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Beautiful Beaches Lie in the Northwestern Part of Florida

If there’s one reason so many travelers and locals alike love Florida, it’s the year-round sunny weather. The fourth most populous state of the U.S., the Sunshine State offers visitors over 1,200 miles of coastline with high temperatures and a tropical climate to enjoy. Florida is also home to the world famous theme park, Walt Disney World, which attracts 52 million tourists each year, and offers visitors an abundance of attractions including various museums, zoos, sporting events, fine dining, and water activities such as surfing and fishing to partake in.

Because Florida is a considerably big state, the only issue in planning a Florida vacation can be deciding where to stay. While many parts of Florida offer you various activities to make the most of your vacation, many favor South Walton. Composed of 15 unique beach neighborhoods, South Walton is the perfect getaway for couples looking to kick back and relax in the sun and sand, or for those looking for a change in adventure while on vacation with the various activities available.

If you’re looking to make the most of your summer vacation rental in South Walton, here are activities to do while on vacation:

Make a big splash

South Walton offers you an endless array of water activities to enjoy. Whether you want to dive into the salty beach water or explore the fresh lakes, you’re limitless in your selection. You can make the most of your time in the water surfing, kayaking, boating and paddle boarding. You can also cast your reel to make a catch or fly high and go parasailing. Or, you can spend your day with your feet in the white sandy beaches of Blue Mountain

Putt like a pro

If you’re an avid golfer or have a particular liking, then you’ll love South Walton. South Walton offers 207 holes for you to putt. Of the 15 beaches, Seascape and Sandestin are known for their golf communities. If you’re not a golfer, you also have more than 30 tennis courts, all open to the public. You can also explore the outdoors by riding a bike trail or hiking in the state parks, in which you can meet the many diverse creatures that occupy the area. Seaside is perfect for those interested in enjoying a walk or bike ride, and Seacrest allows you to explore the various creatures. You can also take a tour through Inlet Beach, which is also referred to as Soldier’s Beach for the WWII veterans who settled there.

Treat your taste buds

South Walton offers you a wide selection of cuisine to indulge in, in which Santa Rosa beach is known for its upscale dining. Whether you’re a steak lover, have a hankering for seafood, or are craving something with a kick, you can find the food to please your taste buds with the many restaurants available. You can wash down your meal with a glass of fine wine or handcrafted beer. In addition to dinner restaurants, there are many local coffee shops to fill your morning craving.

Enjoy the ultimate summer vacation rental in South Walton with these activities.

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