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Culinary Culture With Miami Food Tours

If you visit Miami there is definitely lots to explore, but don’t just enjoy the scenery and attractions, there’s lot’s of good food you can discover here in Miami. You you learn a lot about the food culture in Miami with a short food tour. I am sure that it will leave you with lots of good memories.

Cuban-Inspired Food Tour (Tour on a bus)

An authentic gastronomy vacation that you’ll experience all in just a few hours!

Miami wouldn’t be Miami without the Cuban spirit that permeates the city. Our Cuban Culturegastronomic tour explores Miami’s Cuban-centric neighborhoods — while tasting the best of the Caribbean island’s delicacies at low-key, family-style restaurants as well as a True Cuban Institution that have made a name for themselves with great cuisine and authentic Cuban ambiance. Bite into Cuban culture (and sample its tastiest dishes) as you enjoy anecdotes about its delicious connection to Miami — with accompanying architectural, historical and cultural narration by local expert foodie guides for a true taste of Cuba.

Little Havana offers a vibrant culture where food is made from the soul and served to commemorate all that we left back in the island. With its colorful murals, guayabera-clad men playing dominoes and cigar rollers at work, Little Havana is where the spirit of Miami’s exile Cuban community comes alive, and where we make several delicious stops. But eating is not everything Little Havana is about. You’ll have the chance to stop at a Cuban gift shop, check in on the cigar rollers of the area, stops at local art galleries, cheer on the domino experts holding court at Domino Park and take a stroll near the Tower Theater, the area’s oldest movie houses.

We will stop to try Traditional Cuban cuisine at multiple stops, and tell you all you need to know about it: history, tradition and just how some became Miami’s favorite comfort foods.

Food Tour Highlights

  • Meet at a central location in South Beach to begin the journey with a taste of a Cuban classic OR pick up at your hotel.
  • Air-conditioned transportation to another section of Little Havana for a taste of various Cuban dishes at a true Cuban landmark (the place you can not leave Miami without visiting!).
  • Air-conditioned transportation to one section of Little Havana for additional food tasting stops. Guided historical and cultural walking tour of Domino park, cigar factory, artist studios, etc.
  • Air-conditioned transportation back to South Beach or hotel in Miami Beach or drop off at your hotel.

“OUTSTANDING!!! Miami Culinary Tours in South Beach”

This is our second tour with this company (we took the one in Little Havana back in Memorial weekend) and I have to say that it was outstanding. We landed in Miami Friday afternoon and contacted the company owner right away asking for 5 spots for that same night. She graciously told us about the tour and that they did have room for us…GREAT! We showed at the meeting location and the tour guide was there on time (Leilani). She was VERY professional and very knowledgeable about Miami.[Read More]

“Fun and Yummy Tour”

We loved this tour! The food was great and the education about the history and buildings was very interesting. We would definetly do this again!

One tip – do wear comfortable shoes. Our tour lasted almost three hours and although I don’t think we covered more than 3 miles, we did stand a good deal of the time.

[Read More]

These Miami Food Tours will bring you closer towards it’s culinary culture as well as tasting good foods that has a rich culinary history behind it. Enjoy!


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