Botox: An Inexpensive Fighting Signs Of Aging Treatment That Can Be Done On Your Lunch Break

Botox… it’s the treatment celebrities often choose to fend off any aging signs; those who have lived a full life. After all, celebrities often have many late nights, smoke too many cigars and cigarettes and have frown lines from their unhappy days. However, you don’t have to stick with the look of those times… not with Botox around.  Many folks are hailing it as the new fountain of youth that allows a person to hide the truth and restore their youthful look.

In The Early Days: Surgery Was The Norm To Fight Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Of course, today’s Botox treatments are geared toward fighting the deep wrinkles and fine lines that appear as people get older. However, in the yester-years, the majority of folks decided to go “under the knife” (they had an invasive surgical procedure called Rhytidectomy) that would get rid of the unwanted lines on both the lower cheeks and forehead.

Keep in mind that this surgery was not only invasive but it had with it a steep price tag (generally in the tens of thousands of dollars) and recovery time was fairly long. Most insurance companies did not cover Rhytidectomy so patients typically paid out of pocket for their surgery.

Why Botox Is More Commonly Used Today By The General Public

Why Botox? More and more people are opting to use Botox as their facelift treatment of choice. Of course, when the method first appeared in the 1980s, it was created to handle optic muscle disorders.  However, it was a decade later that the U.S Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment to handle moderate to severe frown lines on the face.

Today, the treatment is repeatedly one of the top five non-invasive methods to getting rid of those aging lines. In fact, millions of folks are using this miracle wonder called Botox injections.

How Does Botox Work: What Makes You Get That Relaxed Face, How Long Does It Take To See Results

Botox (also called botulinum toxin) is simply a protein that works on the facial muscles. It causes the lines to smooth out and relax the wrinkles. The Botox method is very effective in giving the user an instant fresh look to their face. Botox allows for years to be taken off in just one treatment!

The method is safe, straightforward and leaves your face feeling smooth and even to the touch… just one treatment is all it takes. In fact, the Botox treatment can be done in less than an hour. Thus, women (and some men) will have their Botox treatment during their lunch hour before they go back to work. That’s how rapid and easy the procedure is… all without any pain whatsoever.

How Long Does Botox Treatments Last, What Will Be Expected Of You At The Appointment

Okay, so treatments for Botox are simple and painless but really how long do they last?  That’s a fair enough question! Botox effects can last many months with most folks going back to their doctor two or three times a year so they keep their wrinkle-free look.

When you’re getting the treatment done, your doctor will ask you to frown as hard as you can. Once you’ve done this, you’re going to feel a slight prick as the needle goes into the areas you wish to “fix”. You won’t be given an anesthesia during the procedure because it’s so simple and painless. You’ll see the Botox effects right away and you don’t need to go back for up to four months.

The Costs Of Botox Compared To Surgery

Remember that surgery involves talking with a surgeon, setting up an operating room, potential in-hospital care, anesthesia, post-operative care, medications, etc.  The usual starting price for the surgery is $10,000.

Botox, on the other hand, won’t put you in the poor house right from the start. Rather, each treatment will cost you anywhere from $125 to $400 per area. You might need more than one treatment at a time with repeat treatments being done up to four times a year.  Never choose the least expensive one since you it increases your chance for complications such as poor cosmetic results.

Botox Side Effects: Is It Worth It?

With that in mind, you might be wondering what the side effects are. This is also a fair enough question. Common side effects from Botox treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Redness and pain at site of injection

Some patients can experience drooping of upper eyelid muscles or muscle weakness. The side effect typically resolves itself within a few days. But, there have been cases where upper eyelid drooping will last several months.

Botox, The Human Skin and Other Products

There is an array of beauty care products on the market that are designed to protect your skin from aging including lotions and creams. Despite everything one does to protect their skin, it’s still affected by pollution, age, lifestyle, chemicals, sleep, environment, etc.  Any one of these things will speed up the aging signs on your skin.

Go With Reputable Doctors To Give You Your Treatments

Finally, it’s important to note that you should never get your Botox treatments from someone who isn’t qualified or experienced to give them… just for the sake of saving money. Instead, go with a doctor or other practitioner to get your treatments. Remember, cheap does not mean better and you run the risks of harmful side effects.

2 thoughts on “Botox”

  1. The thing I like most about Botox is that it is not that expensive and can be done in a quick time. I do not have to spend all my savings in doing so. In the earlier days, people had to do surgery; thanks to Botox, deep wrinkles and lines can be removed without a surgery!

    Botox is worth doing but the side effects are something to think about. As mentioned in the articles – nausea, headache and redness can seriously effect, but hey, no pain, no gain! Therefore choosing the right man for the job is important. If an experienced doctor is doing it, I would not mind. It might cost a bit more though 🙁

  2. It’s funny that you mention the “droopy eye” problem that some people experience after using Botox. I just read an article about how Simon Cowell (of American Idol) may have “overdone things” with Botox while filming a recent episode of “Britain’s Got Talent.” As a result, his face fell asleep complete with bruising and droopy eye. Viewers started tweeting about it right away. Apparently, the show is shot in HD and the cameras are showing everything! EEK. BTW, Cowell is 51 now. Here’s the article with some photos of the droopy eyed Simon:

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