App Lowdown – The Best Business Apps

If you have a smartphone, it will probably have become an invaluable tool of your day-to-day life, facilitating work and play in ways that were previously impossible. For business people a smartphone can help them improve their productivity and streamline otherwise arduous tasks. Here are some of the best business apps available at the moment to keep you covered whilst on the move.

mSecure Password Manager

People who operate in the business world will generally be charged with various passwords in order to access user accounts, external logins, VPNs, storage systems and much more. Even if you are a sole trader you will tend to have a multitude of passwords at your disposal, which can make it tough to use them safely and securely without succumbing to forgetfulness or relying on memorable but easy to crack codes.

The mSecure Password Manager app is a premium program for both iOS and Android, allowing you to back up your passwords to the cloud and even generate new ones using its randomiser for convenience and security.

Google Drive

There are plenty of cloud-based storage services that allow you to synchronise data to access when you are using your smartphone, but if you have an Android handset this revised service from Google is going to be your best bet. This is essentially the latest evolution of its Google Docs platform and means that you can save files to your Google Drive account, download documents and data to your smartphone and even work on the same spreadsheet or text file with others for collaborative communication.


Keeping tabs on your business expenses used to be a tricky but necessary part of doing business, but this app aims to revolutionise the process. By harnessing your smartphone’s camera you can capture images of your receipts that are accrued and then have them automatically stored on the ExpenseMagic remote cloud servers. These digital files will then be easy to retrieve so that you can complete your expenses very quickly.

WebEx Meeting Centre

Developed by Cisco, this particular program lets you turn your iOS device into an all-in-one conferencing tool. You can share desktop imagery with other users so that everyone is on the same page whilst you communicate via voice. This means that presentations and meetings can be carried out on the fly and you will not need to travel long distances to win new clients or convene with business partners. This will end up saving you time and money, which can be better applied elsewhere.

Business Calendar Free

Whilst smartphone users will have become accustomed to creating a daily schedule using the integrated calendar, sometimes you may need to manage your day according to more than one service.

This is where Business Calendar Free comes into the equation, allowing you to import a variety of calendars and then manage them through a simple yet powerful interface. This Android app is also fully integrated with widget capabilities, which means you can add bespoke shortcuts to your homescreens so that you are always aware of any upcoming appointments and can respond to them accordingly.

There are plenty more business apps to choose from regardless of the smartphone you own, so start experimenting to find the right ones for you.

This article was submitted by finance and business blogger Francesca, who writes on behalf of Brookson.

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