3 Ways to Grow Your Tattoo Business

tattoo businessReality TV and popular sites like Facebook have given tattoos an expanded audience as more people go out of their way to get noticed. Society is becoming more comfortable with tattoos as a way for people to express themselves, and more people are using tattoos to help them feel better about their appearance. Tattoo parlors are not suffering despite the economic downturn as demand has increased for adding permanent and temporary tattoos — as well as options for removing them.

Make Your Ink Stand Out

The Internet is full of information and images, and like any other business, tattoo parlors are using it to reach thousands of potential customers. In order to stand out among your competitors, you have to understand the words and phrases that people use when they search for information about tattoos. Including images, expert opinions and information on popular trends may help your site show up higher in search results, leading to increased interest in your business. Another way to reach more customers is through a business page on Facebook, where you can use informative posts and images from satisfied customers to promote your business. When individuals like your posts, they share with their friends, putting your business at the center of the conversation.

Add Locations to Meet Demand

Your tattoo parlor, like any service business, is limited by the number of hours you can serve customers each day. You are also working with a limited amount of space where you can display your art, so you need more customers in order to grow your business. If you find that you can’t grow organically by raising your rates, you need to plan how to expand effectively. Taking time to understand your customers as well as your competition will help you determine whether you should add employees and locations. Since every tattoo is an advertisement for your business, you need to make sure that your other locations maintain the same level of quality.

Offer End-to-End Services

As people age, their bodies and their mindsets change. In a 2004 survey, the American Academy of Dermatology found that nearly one in five adults with tattoos were interested in having them removed. Few shops focus on tattoo removal even though more people are looking into it, in part to improve their employment opportunities. Offering those services may help your business stand out. Not only could it lead to additional business from your customers, you might be able to gain new customers who aren’t happy with tattoos they received from your competition. Growing that relationship will increase the likelihood that they would come back to you when they want another tattoo in the future.

As the public grows comfortable with the idea of tattoos, you will likely see more competition entering the space. Your competitors may not have your skill, but you may have to work harder at controlling the conversation whenever people think about tattoos. By having a presence online and providing high quality services to customers, you can maintain and grow your business no matter what happens to the economy.


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